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Bit Of Black Business

Bit of Black Business, is 13 five-minute short dramas that represent the outrageous, courageous, mysterious, simple, straight-forward and complex nature of being part of the Indigenous community today.


Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival- May 2007(All Films); Sydney International Film Festival- June 2007(Nana only); Brisbane International Film Festival- Aug 2007(Jackie Jackie, Nana, Custard, Kwatye, Hush only); Melbourne International Film Festival- Jul 2007(Nana, Custard, Jackie Jackie, Back Seat, Hush only); Heart of Gold International Film Festival- Oct 2007(Nana, Hush, Jackie Jackie, Kwatye only)

Year: 2007, Country: Australia, Producer: Kath Shelper, Rating: PG


    In her search for answers, a granddaughter’s questions lead to the discovery of self and a chance to embrace the complexities of family.


    Ben’s plea for forgiveness leads to a shocking discovery.


    Two brothers face a crisis of dignity, which causes them to examine their relationship and sets them on a quest to become indeed, two big boys.


    Trying to find a job, Dan has to overcome social stereotypes.


    One day unfolds through the eyes of 12-year-old Janine when she goes with her foster parents to meet her biological family for the first time.

  • NANA

    Nana’s granddaughter thinks Nana’s pretty special. She loves her Nana because she helps the old people, she’s a good painter and other people love her too. Nana’s got everyone under control.


    Bloodlines is about finding your heritage in urban Australia. Finding out where your blood runs …


    Thirteen year old Jason is going through the changes to become a young man.
    His mother sends him to the only decent role model she can think of, his paternal grandfather, for a holiday in a small coastal town.


    When 11 year old Whalen spies a Special Forces dinghy off the jetty, the whole town gets in on the action to outdo the professionals at their own game. Set in the Torres Strait Island communities of Bamaga and Seisia, Sharpeye tells the story of the Charlie Company.


    Amos enlists two larrikin miners into his ingenious way to make money from an unsuspecting tourist, who walks into the plot and gets less than what he bargained for.


    Who would have thought a glass of water could cause so much havoc?

  • Hush

    Ethel and her friend Mary resort to an unlikely occupation at night to top up their pensions. Ethel’s daughter is horrified when she discovers they are not really “playing cards”.


    Jinaali is a sweet overweight Aboriginal checkout chick at the local supermarket. Her boss, Mr Chuck, is constantly on her back until Jinaali finds a voice of her own. Have you got your Jackie Jackie doll yet?