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Flickerfest 2011 – 20th Anniversary

Flickerfest Australia’s only Academy® accredited and BAFTA-recognised short film festival, is thrilled to celebrate 20 years in 2011 as a platform for the most innovative and creative Australian short films by our very talented homegrown filmmakers.

The short films contained on this Flickerfest Birthday showcase DVD are a classic collection of laugh-out-loud comedies, moving dramas and highly crafted animations that have screened at Flickerfest over the years and celebrate some of our brightest stars of the short film scene.

Highlights include award-winning, iconic shorts from some of our hottest Australian directors, including David Michôd (Animal Kingdom) Warwick Thornton (Samson and Delilah), Cate Shortland (Somersault) Nash Edgerton (The Square),  Andrew Lancaster (Accidents Happen) and Sean Byrne (The Loved Ones).

All of the films included in our 20th Anniversary DVD have received major international recognition at festivals far and wide, including Academy® award nominations and official selection at A-list festivals such as Sundance, Cannes, and Venice. Flickerfest is proud to present this  stellar collection of outstanding Australian shorts!

Running Time:  134min, Year:  2011, Country:  Australia, Rating:  MA15+

  • NANA

    Nana’s granddaughter thinks Nana’s pretty special. She loves her Nana because she helps the old people, she’s a good painter and other people love her too. Nana’s got everyone under control.


    Ever felt there’s more going on than you can see? Ever wondered why your walls are thicker than they have to be? In the unseen spaces live ….. The Mechanicals.


    Elliot is nearly shamed to death when his mother reveals home truths in front of his pretty classmate, Chrissy…but the truth can work miracles.


    On a drought-ravaged vineyard, Yirri is about to kill his last chicken. He’s stopped by his wife, Teresa, who claims the chicken’s comb resembled the face of Jesus. Bizarre miracles start to happen, but Yirri and Teresa look a gift chicken in the mouth, with disastrous results of biblical proportions.

  • Franswa Sharl

    Twelve-year-old Greg has inherited his father’s competitive streak. On a family holiday to Fiji they have different ideas about where Greg should focus his talents. When his creative pursuits fail to amuse his father Greg sets out to win him back. Based on a true story.

  • MUTT

    All work and no play leads to imminent disaster for a disgruntled farmer, his cow and a hardworking dog.

  • Spider

    It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

  • ZERO

    In a world that judges people by their number ZERO faces constant prejudice and persecution. He walks a lonely path until a chance encounter changes his life forever: he meets a female zero. Together they prove that through determination courage and love… nothing can be truly something.


    A little girl named Eddie gets ready for an evening of fireworks, her favourite event of the year. Eddie spends her pocket money collecting firecrackers, to prepare for Cracker Night.


    Gina, a young Aboriginal mother finds herself in a predicament when her husband Max returns home and learns the truth about baby Jacob.

  • Joy.

    Thursday night. Late night shopping. Joy wants to have fun.