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The New Black (7 shorts compile)

The New Black is a series of seven new short films, each around 10 minutes long, made by Indigenous writers, directors and producers. The series features the directorial debuts of Deborah Mailman (Ralph) and Leah Purcell (Aunty Maggie & The Womba Wakgun).

NOTE: The New Black DVD has accompanying it The New Black study guide (available free to download, or with purchase of DVD)

Running Time:  76 min, Year:  2009, Country:  Australia


    A young Yalanji girl tragically loses her sister. This is the tale of her descent into melancholy and her journey of redemption.


    A father and adopted troubled teenage son take a trip to the son’s birthplace of Bourke, where they try to find the right words to say to each other before it’s too late.


    A young girl named Olivia longs to know the people who came before her, prompting landscape imbued with mystery and treasure, urging her mother Lauren to confront her own beliefs when faced with living histories woven throughout the countryside.

  • Aunty Maggie And The Womba Wakgun

    Aunty Maggie and Uncle Peter struggle to feed their three nephews. The arrival of some chickens provides a new food source…eggs! When the new rooster becomes more of a headache and nearly dies, Aunty Maggie’s quick thinking shocks the family and makes her famous.


    When Patsy is confronted by her 10 year old daughter’s fascination with letters, she is forced to deal with her own obsession.


    Gina, a young Aboriginal mother finds herself in a predicament when her husband Max returns home and learns the truth about baby Jacob.


    For ten year old Madeline, it takes more than just dreaming to survive, it takes a friend.