Flickerfest Catalogue

Flickerfest is Australia’s leading short film distributor with the finest collection of quality Australian short films hand picked from the many thousands of entries received for our Academy® accredited short film festival.  Since 1992 we have prided ourselves on representing the most innovative and creative Australian shorts that have won awards or been recognized for excellence in the short film form.

We are passionate about short film and about promoting our talented Australian short filmmakers to the world.

Flickerfest represents its short film collection across all global platforms, demonstrating an excellent understanding of all short film markets, offering short film buyers a specialised and professional service specifically targeting short films according to your platforms needs.

Our catalogue (below) includes fabulous comedies, shorts for kids, entertaining and artful animation, moving drama and the latest collection of Australian indigenous short films from this country’s most talented directors and filmmakers.

To order a film, or have a programme curated for your special screening please contact: [email protected]

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