2018 Film Stills & Trailers

Film stills & trailers for the FLiCKERFEST 2018 programmes

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You can also download the Flickerfest 2018 Tour Poster Calendar. (details can change, check details with each tour venue)

Best Of Australian Shorts Tour (& Aust 2, 3 & 4 in Bondi)

Lost Property Office (Aust Tour & Aust 4 in Bondi)
Lost Property Office still 

After All (Aust Tour & Aust 2 in Bondi)
After All still 

Kill Off (Aust Tour & Aust 2 in Bondi)
Kill Off 

Martha The Monster (Aust Tour & Aust 7 in Bondi)
Martha The Monster

Second Best (Aust Tour & Aust 2 in Bondi)
Second Best

Two Bites (Aust Tour & Aust 2 in Bondi)
Two Bites still 

Miro – An Australian WWII First (Aust Tour & Aust 3 in Bondi)
Miro- An Australian WWII First still

Fysh (Aust Tour & Aust 4 in Bondi)
Fysh still 


Best Of International Tour (& International 1 in Bondi)

An Imagined Conversation: Kanye West & Stephen Hawking (Int Tour & Int 1 in Bondi)
An Imagined Conversation-Kanye West & Stephen Hawking still

Döda Farmor (Killing Grandma) – (Int Tour & Int 1 in Bondi)
Döda Farmor (Killing Grandma) still

Watu Wote (All Of Us) – (Int Tour & Int1 in Bondi)
Watu Wote (All Of Us) still

Who’s Who In Mycology (Int Tour & Int1 + EU 2 in Bondi)
Who's Who In Mycology still


Short Laughs Comedy Tour (& Comedy 1 or 2 in Bondi)

Fern (Comedy Tour & Comedy 1 in Bondi)
Fern still

Smear (Comedy Tour & Comedy 1 in Bondi)
Smear still

Catastrophe (Comedy Tour & Comedy 2 in Bondi)
Catastrophe still 

Good Girls (Comedy Tour & Comedy 2 in Bondi)
Good Girls still 


FlickerKids (Tour & Bondi)

Fern (FlickerKids Tour & FlickerKids in Bondi)
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