Directors Welcome


Welcome to the 29th Flickerfest International Short Film Festival. As we move forward into another film filled and jam packed festival, I am thrilled that Flickerfest continues to be the most influential dedicated short film event on the Australian landscape.

Flickerfest continues its proud tradition of bringing world-class short films to Bondi Pavilion, celebrating and uncovering the most talented filmmakers the world and Australia has to offer.

The Flickerfest team and special selection committee watches and reviews near 2,700 entries from across the globe, of which just over 100 will be officially screened in competition; confirming that Flickerfest continues to attract the latest in cutting edge shorts from the world’s most exciting and innovative emerging filmmakers for our Academy® Accredited and BAFTA recognised shorts competition.

The uniting force among the shorts to be screening at the 2020 Flickerfest Festival is their ability to push the conventions of film and narrative to deliver surprising, exciting and groundbreaking results across animation, documentary and every genre in between.

Once Flickerfest wraps up its 10-day celebration of short film in Bondi, we pack up all the highlights from the festival and hit the road on our 50+ venue national tour. It has been a joy to see Flickerfest extend its reach as the home of great short film across the country, and watching audiences warmly embrace the inspiring art of short filmmaking.

As Australia’s leading Academy® accredited short film festival, the shorts in competition at Flickerfest are fiercely vying for a number of prestigious prizes including the Flickerfest Award for Best International Short Film, the Yoram Gross Award for Best International Animation, the Virgin Australia Award for Best Australian Short Film, and the Flickerfest Award for Best Documentary. Plus a host of other hotly contested prizes which recognise the various craft areas inherent in making a great short film.

2020 will bring over 22 different short film programmes across the 10-day festival season. We are proud to announce that due to the outstanding home grown talent and creativity received this year, we will be screening 7 Australian competitive programmes in addition to the 5 international and 2 documentary programmes, which make up our Academy qualifying short film competitions. Alongside these competitive programmes our youngest filmmakers compete in SAE FlickerUp, our national schools and youth competition, an exciting peek at the future cinema stars of tomorrow!

The Best Of European Union shorts is back to showcase the best shorts from the EU in partnership with The European Union Delegation To Australia; FlickerKids promises a delightful programme for young and young at heart; Love Bites, a romp through the quirky world of modern relationships is perfect for date night and Short Laughs takes you on a hilarious journey from the weird to the wonderful.

We are also thrilled to celebrate amazing LGBTQI films from around the world for the second year, in our Rainbow Shorts celebration curated by award winning queer filmmaker Craig Boreham.

Presenting an international festival considered among the best in the world is made possible by the generous support of our major sponsors SAE Creative Institute, European Union Delegation to Australia, and Screen NSW.

I would also like to extend an enormous thanks to our major government partner Screen Australia who supports both our festival, and the national tour, and who has been a continuous source of encouragement as we strive to deliver our vision of providing a platform that nurtures and supports Australian Filmmakers, and in turn provides Australian audiences with access to inspirational storytelling from their own backyard and beyond.

To all our partners who are acknowledged in this programme, I am extremely grateful for the essential and ongoing support they provide. We thank them enormously for their belief in us, which assists us in maintaining Flickerfest as one of the best short film competitions in the world.

Behind the scenes, the many talents of the extremely hardworking Flickerfest team bring Flickerfest to life. My enormous thanks and appreciation must go to Festival Tour/Production Manager Shane Rennie, Festival Coordinator Fabienne Neff, Festival Program Manager Lies Bruines, Industry Liaison Leigh Russell and FlickerLab Coordinator Pam Otto. And last but not least our Director of Projection Alan Butterfield, and projectionist Anthony Yeo.

Short film continues to excite and thrill me year after year, and I still strongly believe shorts are the perfect vehicle for our latest generation of storytellers to cut their teeth and express the stories at the heart of who we are. Every year I am moved, surprised and inspired by the films raising the bar for what is considered “the best” in short film. The imagination and creativity showcased throughout Flickerfest highlights the role of short film as one at the centrepiece of innovation and creativity in global cinema today.

I welcome you to experience the best in short cinema at Bondi and across Australia this summer, as Flickerfest celebrates 29 years of The Best of Short Films’ !

Bronwyn Kidd,
Festival Director