2019 Awards

Flickerfest presents a huge range of cash & industry-supported prizes to our competing filmmakers for all competition programmes.
*Flickerfest is an Academy® Accredited and BAFTA Recognised Short Film Festival.
Please click here for Academy® information, & here for BAFTA information.
Download the: Flickerfest 2019 Awards Announcement here (pdf).


Flickerfest Award
Best International Short Film (Academy® Accredited)
Prize: $2,500 AUD cash
Phone Duty (Russian Federation)
Writer/Director: Lenar Kamalov
Producer: Lenar Kamalov and Natalia Frovolova

Flickerfest logo
Flickerfest Award
Special Jury Prize
The Mandarin Tree (Germany)
Writers: Cengiz Akaygün, Duc-Thi Bui
Director: Cengiz Akaygün
Producer: Philipp Lutz

Yoram Gross Award
Best International Short Animation (Academy® Accredited)
Prize: $1,500 AUD cash
Flowing Through Wonder (France)
Writer/Director: Joana Lurie and Jean –Marc Bouzigues
Producer Christian Pfohl

SAE Qantm logo
SAE Qantm Award
Best Use of Digital Technology In A Short Film
Prize: $500 AUD cash
Between The Shadows (Portugal)
Writer/Director Mónica Santos and Alice Guimarães
Producers: Nuno Amorim, Vanessa Ventura, Jean-François Le Corre,
Mathieu Courtois and Pedro Medeiros

Flickerfest Award
Best Short Documentary Film (Academy® Accredited)
Prize: $500 AUD cash
The Unconditional (United States)
Director: Dave Adams , Writer: Matt Cascella
Producer: Dave Adams, Adam Soltis, Renee Woodruff Adams, Chris Tuss

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Flickerfest Award

Special Mention for Documentary
Hamama & Caluna (Switzerland)
Writer/Director: Andreas Anuuk Mugli
Producer: Edith Fluckinger

EU Del Aust
European Union Delegation In Australia Award
Best EU Short Film
Prize: $1000 AUD cash
Best Game Ever (Hungary)
Writer/director: Kristóf Deák
Producers: László Dreissiger, Anna Udvardy, Gábor Osváth


Virgin Australia logo
Virgin Australia Entertainment Award
Best Australian Short Film (Academy® Accredited)
Prize: $2,500 AUD Travel Voucher
Yulubidyi – Until The End
Writer/Director: Nathan Mewett and Curtis Taylor
Producer: Glen Stasiuk

Canon Award
Best Direction in an Australian Short Film
Prize: Canon C100 Mark11 Camera valued over $7,800 AUD
Tangles and Knots
Writer/Director: Renée Marie Petropoulos
Producer: Janet Brown and Yingna Lu

Avid logo
Avid Award
Best Editing in an Australian Short Film
Prize: Avid Media Composer Editing System valued at over $3,450 AUD
All These Creatures
Editor: Dan Lee and Charles Williams

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Avid Award
Special Mention for Editing
Editor: Danielle Boesenberg

Avid logo
Avid Award
Best Original Music in an Australian Short Film
Prize: Avid ‘Pro Tools’ Digital Audio workstation & ‘Sibelius Ultimate’ software valued at over $1,800 AUD
Composer: Jed Palmer

John Barry Sales
John Barry Award
Best Cinematography in an Australian Short Film
Prize: Tripod valued at over $1000 AUD
Nursery Rhymes
Cinematographer: Aaron McLisky

Yoram Gross Award
Best Australian Short Animation
Prize: $500 AUD cash
Della Mortika: Carousel Of Shame
Director: Marisa Martin
Writer Geraldine Martin
Producer: Marisa and Geraldine Martin

Samantha Rebillet award
Rebel8 Award
Outstanding Emerging Female Director 
In honour of Samantha Rebillet
Prize: $1000 AUD
Writer/Director Miley Tunnecliffe


SAE Qantm logo
SAE Qantm FlickerUp Award
Best High School Short Film
Prize: $500 cash
Dead Weight
Writer/Director: Daniel Shen
Producer: Richard Leask

Yoram Gross FlickerUp Award
Best High School Short Animation
Prize: $250 AUD cash
Writer/Director: Elliot Gibson
Producer: Cindy Carpenter

Avid logo
Avid FlickerUp Award
Best Editing in a High School Short Film
Prize: Avid Media Composer (Educational version) valued at $3,400
Writer/Director: Matthew Lowe, Sean Grace
Producer: Joseph Baronio, Johanna Hayes

Parkers logo
Parker’s Organic Juices FlickerUp Award
Best Primary School Short Film
Prize: $250 AUD cash
Writer/Director: Students of Stage 3, Glenwood Public School
Producer: Thomas R. Gough