2020 Film Stills & Trailers

Film stills & trailers for the FLiCKERFEST 2020 programmes

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Flickerfest 2020 Festival & Tour Trailers here.

Best Of Australian Shorts Tour (& Best Of Australian Shorts 1 to 7 in Bondi)

Rebooted (Aust Tour & Aust 3 in Bondi & Best Of Melbourne)

This Perfect Day (Aust Tour & Aust 5 in Bondi & Best Of Melbourne)

Featherweight (Aust Tour & Aust 3 in Bondi)

The Egg (Aust Tour & Aust 6 in Bondi & Best Of Melbourne)

For The Girl In The Coffee Shop (Aust Tour & Aust 7 in Bondi)

Chicken (Aust Tour & Aust 5 in Bondi)
Chicken still (Aust5 & Aust Tour) 1920x1080

Best Of International Shorts & EU Short Film Showcase Tour (& Best Of International Shorts l in Bondi)

Memorable (Int Tour, EU & Int 1 in Bondi)
Memorable still (Int1 & Int Tour & EU) 1920x1080

The Jackpot (Int Tour, EU Tour & Int 1 in Bondi)
The Jackpot still (Int1 & Int Tour & EU) 1920x1080

Home Sweet Home (Int Tour, EU Tour & Int1 in Bondi)
Home Sweet Home still 1 (Int1 & EU) 1920x1080

The Marvelous Misadventures Of The Stone Lady (Int Tour & Int1 in Bondi)
The Marvelous Misadventures of the Stone Lady still (Int1 & Int Tour) 1920x1080

Short Laughs Comedy Tour (& Short Laughs Comedy 1 or 2 in Bondi)

Drubenland (The Land Over There) (Comedy Tour & Int 2 in Bondi)
Drubenland (The Land Over There) still (Int2 & Comedy Tour) 1920x1080

It’s Christmas (Comedy Tour & Comedy 1 in Bondi)
It's Christmas still (Com1 & Com Tour) 1920x1080

The Tent (Comedy Tour & Int 3 in Bondi)
The Tent still (Int3 & Com Tour) 1920x1080

FlickerKids (Tour & Bondi)

The Fox & The Bird (FlickerKids Tour & FlickerKids in Bondi)
The Fox & The Bird still (FlickerKids & Tour) 1920x1080

The Girl & The Cat (FlickerKids Tour & FlickerKids in Bondi and ASEAN Tour & ASEAN in Bondi)
The Girl & The Cat still 1 (ASEAN, FlickerKids & Tour) 1920x1080

ASEAN Region Shorts  (Tour & Bondi)

Evening Stroll (ASEAN Tour & ASEAN in Bondi)
Evening Stroll still (ASEAN Shorts) 1920x1080

Staw Awake Be Ready (ASEAN Tour & ASEAN in Bondi)
Stay Awake, Be Ready still (ASEAN Shorts) 1920x1080

Dossier Of The Dossier (ASEAN Tour & ASEAN in Bondi)
Dossier Of The Dossier still 3 (ASEAN Shorts) 1920x1080

Limbo (ASEAN Tour & ASEAN in Bondi)
Limbo still (ASEAN Shorts) 1920x1080