Festival Bar & Menu

It’s not just the films that are worth the look.

The Flickerfest bar located in our bespoke Beachside Festival Garden is open daily before each session & at evening sessions intermission.
Enjoy a Four Pillars Gin cocktail, a cool Gage Roads beer, a Rosnay Organic wine, a Parkers Organic juice or a Perrier and grab some delicious Rocketboy pizza, chips or popcorn.

Flickerfest is a fully licensed venue and therefore it is not possible to BYO.

The Festival Bar opens 1 hour before the first session starts and closes after the evening session intermission around 10.30pm.



Rocketboy Pizzas – click for menu

Organic Chips – $4.00

Cobs Organic Popcorn – $4.00

Earth Food Store Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies – $4.00

Nahji Chu Rice Paper Rolls (Veg/Chicken)- $8.00


Parker’s Organic Juices (still/sparkling) – $3.50

Rosnay Organic Wine (glass: red/white) – $8.00

Rosnay Organic Wine (bottle) – $30.00

Gage Roads Beer – $8.00

Four Pillars Gin – $10.00

Four Pillars Gin Cocktail – $12.00