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5th December 2014

This year one of our very talented Flickerfest alumni writer/director Matthew Moore (Julian, The Amber Amulet) jumped on board our very own Bond-does-Bondi trailer assisted by the team at Moth Productions to produce a cinema classic of our own!
Starring the amazing Robyn Nevin as M, the debonair Rodger Corser as Bond & super-model Samantha Harris as Miss Moneyshot.
Big thanks to an amazing crew who generously supported the festival and our production on the day, including Panavision and post-production from Spectrum, Blackbird, Moth Projects and Trackdown, with music from the D.A.’s Office. Plus wonderful work from DP Steve Windon and editor Joe Morris. Thank you all!.


Flickerfest 2015 Festival Trailer from Flickerfest on Vimeo.


Flickerfest 2015 Tour Trailer from Flickerfest on Vimeo.

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