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2nd December 2019

This year our Flickerfest 2020 Festival & Tour trailers celebrate yet another classic film parody, with Sandy & Danny from the cult musical ‘Grease’ rocking it at Bondi Beach. Written, directed by Flickerfest alumni Jake Nielsen, composed by Nielsen & Matthew Predny & produced by Grace Rein (Grum Pictures), the trailer features the wonderful Penny McNamee, Jake Speer & Paul McDermott.
Thank you all!. Sharing electrifying short films & summer loving at Flickerfest!
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Screening Downloads: Flickerfest 2020 Festival Trailer: H264(90sec) &
Tour Trailer for lead-up to screening: H264(105sec) | DCP(30s-25fps-Flat) | DCP(105s-25fps-Flat).

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