Flickerfest 2022 Trailer

15th December 2021

We are thrilled to share our official Flickerfest 2022 Festival trailer celebrating yet another ode to an iconic film, our very own tribute to Baz Luhrman’s iconic classic ‘The Great Gatsby’. Set in 1922 The Great Gatsby illuminates the roaring 20’s and the revelry of life post the great war and the Spanish Flu pandemic, with parallels to our own contemporary experience with Covid-19. Now 100 years on the Flickerfest 2022 trailer presents our very own take on this classic story of excess, glamour and love after challenging times.

Written & directed by Flickerfest alumni Naomi Fryer, & produced by Katherine Shearer (This River, Spectrum Award for Best Short Film at Flickerfest 2021) our Flickerfest 2022 Gatsby Tribute features the wonderful acting talents of Remy Hii, Michael Sheasby and Ellie Gall, alongside a fabulous cast of entertainers who truly encapsulate the Gatsby spirit. Our 2022 trailer was made possible by some incredible supporters including  Trackdown Studios, Spectrum FilmsThe Solid State, Bull Ant Film, Panavision, Fountainhead Casting, art direction by Nicolle Churi Creative & photography by Alina Gozin’a.

Flickerfest 2022- celebrating 31 years!
‘A Kaleidoscopic Carnival Of Short Films!’




Vimeo: H264(60sec) | H264(30s) | DCP(30s-25fps-Scope) | DCP(30s-25fps-Flat)
YouTube: H264(60s) | H264(30s)



Vimeo: H264(60sec) | H264(30sec) | DCP(30-25fps-Scope) | DCP(30-25fps-Flat)
YouTube: H264(60s) 


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