Flickerfest 2023 Trailer

16th December 2022

We are thrilled to share our official Flickerfest 2023 Festival trailer, celebrating yet another ode to an iconic film, ‘The Castle’. Rob Stitch’s classic celebrates 25 years this year as one of the most beloved Australian feature films of all time.

The Castle tells the story of a working class family from Melbourne who fight city hall after being told they must allow for infrastructural expansion. Now, 25 years on, the Flickerfest 2023 trailer presents our very own take on this classic story of family, home and the pressures of development in today’s time – with a nod to the successful community battle to save our Flickerfest home, the Bondi Pavilion, from privatisation.

Written and directed by Flickerfest alumni, Megan Smart (Wakefield, Peter Rabbit, Breathe) and co-written by George Pullar (Barons, A Place to Call Home), both of whom showcased their exceptional talents behind the camera in their delightful black comedy Stonefish, a world premiere at Flickerfest 2022.

We are excited to see this talented cast and crew bring their unique take to The Castle, a film that has carved its own unique place in the Australian imagination.

Our 2023 trailer was made possible by some incredible supporters including The Solid State, Spectrum Films, Bull Ant Film, Digital City Studios, Panavision Sydney, Church Street Studios, Chicken and Chips Casting and Waverley Council.

Flickerfest 2023 – Celebrating 32 years!
It’s Flickerfest – It’s Bondi – It’s Great Short Films – It’s the Vibe!




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