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Best Of International Shorts 1 – 2024

The 1st of five programmes featuring the Best of International short films in competition.

Be uplifted, inspired and moved by the next generation of the world’s most talented filmmakers in competition for two Academy® qualifying awards; Best Short Live Action & Best Short Animation.

Screening: Sat 20 Jan, 1.30pm | Runtime: 112 mins | Classification: under 15 to be w/adult

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  • On The 8th Day

    It took 7 days to create the world, it only took one to disrupt its balance.

  • A Study Of Empathy

    Dana wants to show empathy. Penelope wants to explore empathy. Penelope’s artistic experiment unfolds and Dana’s feelings are whirled around.

  • Stella

    Stella is out for a special date with her husband Stanley, whose health and mind are failing. She yearns for connection, capturing brief moments of lucidity before he slips away, again.  One final dance recalls memories of their first, and Stella accepts that their life together is ending.

  • Tapir Memories

    A tapir mother reveals her tragic story in an embroidery. She suffers a violent attack, the loss of her home, and the disappearance of her son. Will she find him?

  • Winter

    It’s winter, and like every year, the Seghers’ family goes to Tignes, where they own a chalet. Rosa accompanies them to take care of the household chores and cleaning. But this year, there is something new: Rosa has been offered to bring her son, Auréliano, with her so he can experience the joys of skiing.

  • Sweatshop Girl

    Inés works as a seamstress in a sweatshop where pregnancy tests are periodically administered. When she becomes pregnant, she is sure that her condition will get her fired. She does everything she can to keep it a secret.

  • Clodagh

    A lonely priest’s housekeeper encounters a young Irish girl of exceptional promise.

  • Last Days Of Summer

    A recurring mysterious sound from mountains in the Himalaya is heard only by two curious young shepherds. Unable to convince the villagers of the scary nature of such sound, they journey into the unknown to unravel the mystery.