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Best Of International Shorts 4 – 2022

The 4th of five programmes featuring the Best of International short films in competition.

Be uplifted, inspired and moved by the next generation of the world’s most talented filmmakers in competition for two Academy® qualifying awards; Best Short Live Action & Best Short Animation.

Screening: Tue 25 Jan, 6.30pm | Runtime: 110 mins | Classification: under 15 to be w/adult

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  • Save Ralph

    Ralph is a regular everyday rabbit, who is interviewed as he goes about his day, working as a cosmetic animal tester.

  • On My Mind

    Henrik wants to sing a song for his wife. It has to be today, it has to be now. It’s a question of life, death, and karaoke.

  • The Blanket

    10-year old Marja is sent to fetch milk for her baby brother. On the way there are things even more dangerous than the thin ice.

  • Al-Sit

    An arranged marriage in a cotton-farming village in Sudan. Does 15-year-old Nafisa have a choice?

  • Too Rough

    After a night of intoxication, a hungover and hysterical Nick wakes up next to his boyfriend Charlie and must conceal him from his own homophobic and dysfunctional family.

  • Zonder Meer

    A campsite in the summer holidays, aimless days spent in the shade of trees. Sunlight is glittering on the lake, but nobody is allowed to swim here. A boy has disappeared and may have drowned. Five-year-old Lucie is trying to understand what is going on around her. How long can you hold your breath?

  • Silent Storm

    An ordinary farming family lives a simple life in a quiet and remote mountain village in the south of China. A lonely boy brought his cattle to take a shower in the river in an afternoon.

  • Roy

    Trapped in a lonely existence, reclusive widower Roy (BAFTA Winner David Bradley) passes the days by cold calling strangers from the phone book, looking for brief moments of companionship. But when he accidentally calls adult hotline worker Cara (Oscar® winner Rachel Shenton), an unlikely friendship is born that will help them both rediscover the joy of life.