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Festival Opening Night Screening & After Party 2024

Join us for Flickerfest’s Grand Opening Night, Screening & After Party!
A fantastic night of films and fun under the stars. Join us for a selection of festival highlights, showcasing the festival’s line-up to give you a wonderful introduction to the 2024 season. Then join us at our after-party in the beachside Festival Bar, and celebrate Flickerfest’s 33 years! 

‘You’ve Just Got To Be There’.

Ticket Packages:
– Opening Night Festival Intro & Highlights Screening: $40 / $35
(includes: a welcome drink and the Festival Highlights screening)

– Opening Night Festival Intro & Highlights Screening +After-Party: $80 / $75
(includes: a welcome drink and the Festival Highlights screening; followed by a catered after-party with 1hr complimentary drinks, plus food & entertainment with DJ in the Festival Bar)

Red Carpet: Fri 19 Jan, 8pm | Festival Intro & Highlights Screening: 8.30pm | After-Party: 10.30pm-12.30am

(Drinks are also available to purchase in the Festival Bar)

Red Carpet: Fri 19 Jan, 8pm | Welcome & Highlights Screening: 8.30pm | After-Party: 10.30pm-12.30am | Classification: under 15y to be w/adult

  • Ngurrawaana

    Yindjibarndi man Wimiya Woodley takes us on an immersive journey of self-discovery back to his homelands. Originally established by his grandfather Woodley King, Ngurrawaana was set up as a place of rejuvenation and recovery for Yindjibarndi people who had lost their way. Wimiya shows us how being back in his country helps his people find their spirit and power amongst their ancestors.

  • Cold Water

    Inspired by true events. Set in St Kilda, Australia, an elderly woman’s peaceful retirement is interrupted when her husband takes up a bizarre new hobby.
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  • Clodagh

    A lonely priest’s housekeeper encounters a young Irish girl of exceptional promise.

  • Yeah The Boys

    Yeah the Boys follows six young Aussie men as they sink beers over an afternoon and well into the night. Emoting only through movement; lewd gestures, chokeholds, crowd surfs, and chugging shoeys, they somehow say everything without uttering a single word. Equal parts larrikin, brutal, and tender, this choreographic short film scored by The Avalanches is an observation of Australian masculine identity and our nation’s relationship with drinking culture.
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  • Portrait

    When teenager Siah decides to take a nude selfie, she feels both exhilarated and mature. But when she receives news that her photo has been shared, Siah’s sexual agency all but evaporates before her.
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  • Linda

    Linda gets a job in a post office, but her tall tales soon raise suspicions.
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  • The Film Might Be White

    A final feedback meeting is being held before the release of an art school’s new commercial. Everyone is happy, but then a thought arises as to whether the commercial can be perceived as too white. The meeting suddenly escalates into a debate about how it happened, if it can be solved, and above all – whose fault it is.
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  • Good Luck

    The Ministry of Happiness presents its very first induction video for newborns. This introduction to life is mandatory viewing. We thank you for watching.