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Love Bites 2016 (repeat)

A quirky short journey through the joys & pitfalls of modern relationships.

Screening: Sun 17 Jan, 4.30pm | Duration: 117 min | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult

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  • How Deep Can I Go?

    Using hand drawn cardboard set and props, Hairy Soul Man explores how deep some humans go for love.

  • CTRL

    A young man’s attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked in a most entertaining way.

  • Check Please

    In a fancy restaurant, Ben plans to propose to his long time girlfriend, Laura, only to find out that his ring was mistakenly sent to the wrong table.

  • Oslo’s Rose

    Nader is too busy fulfilling his own expectations in life and it holds him back. He has been head over heels in love with Janne for two years and it affects both his creativity and work. But now, suddenly he sees a possibility to move on. Nader dives into the assignment with his heart first.

  • Love Is Blind

    Love is Blind finds Alice in the passionate embrace of a young lover, as she finally succumbs to temptation. When her husband James returns home early to try and make amends for his recent infidelity and inattention for their marriage, Alice finds herself in the midst of an emotional minefield. Racked with guilt for being unfaithful just as James offers an olive branch, while simultaneously negotiating her lover’s escape.

  • You Delete Me

    Venturing into territory he knows nothing about, Jordan attempts to write a love story but ends up sabotaging his own imagination through his pop culture obsession.

  • We Are Happy

    Sarah and Paul’s best friends tell them the great news – they’re getting divorced. Unable to understand why their happily married friends are untying the knot, Sarah and Paul start to analyse their own marriage with disastrous consequences.

  • The Fruity

    The Fruity is an ageing gay pub, fraying around its fabulous edges. Lindsey is at his usual barstool and doesn’t plan on moving. But a proposition from the spunky new bartender, Jorge, tempts him to take to the stage.

  • Jag Följer Dig (I Follow You)

    Anna bumps into Jesper on the morning train. She’s never seen him before, but it turns out he knows everything about her.

  • Boks (Box)

    A couple is trying to take a photo booth picture they both can agree on, but that proves easier said than done. Told from the point of view of the booth, and with the same aspect ratio as a passport photo, Boks becomes a living picture, an image of a relationship falling apart.

  • Lend A Hand For Love

    Lend a Hand for Love is the magical tale of two timid people who break free from their joyless lives to find love, but along the way are challenged by the nightmarish predicament of their hands ripping away from their bodies to elope in a love affair of their own!

  • Lisa IRL

    Lisa IRL tells the story of an agoraphobic young woman’s unexpected journey into the outside world, finding fun, adventure and romance… with the help of her remote-controlled clone of course.

  • Sexy Laundry

    Sexy Laundry, an erotic comedy made entirely through the use of modelling clay, delves into the private lives of Alice and Henry, a couple in their fifties numbed by routine.