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Short Laughs Comedy – 2020 Tour

Chortle your way through a hilarious off-kilter selection of funny shorts from across the world.

This programme is a specially curated selection of highlights from Flickerfest’s Comedy programmes in Bondi 2020.

Flickerfest, celebrating 29 years bringing you the best of ‘Electrifying Short Laughs Comedy’ films!

Screening at 50+ venues nationally! Check on our Tour Info page for your local venue contacts & info.

*This programme contains mature themes & is not recommended for children under 15.
Classification: Children under 15yrs must be accompanied by an adult.
*Times & Prices may change, please check with the venue.

Download: Short Laughs Comedy tour programme – National

View: Short Laughs Comedy promo reel

Programme updates with local films:
Perth: The Jackpot replaces Drubenland (The Land Over There); Peach replaces The Circle Of Life.
Broome: How To Fire Someone and Hot Flash replace Are You Hungry.

Screening : On Tour | Runtime: 108 min | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult

  • Division Series

    A Prime Minister goes into KFC to buy a chicken, but the chicken is all sold out. At another table, presidents from other countries start playing cards to win the last chicken basket.

  • Are You Hungry?

    A mother struggles to connect with her adopted teenage son, who she believes to be gay. In an attempt to guide him safely through this period of exploration, she sets him up on a date.

  • The Land Over There (Drubenland)

    As soon as Marko’s parents are on vacation some odd wall falls down – and suddenly everything is in chaos. Grown-up talk doesn’t help, so it’s up to Marko to make sense of it on his own.
    view The Land Over There (Drubenland) trailer

  • Dad’s Divorce

    When Oscar and his sister receive the news of their parents divorce, they have to do everything in their power to stop it from happening.

  • The Circle Of Life

    After believing they’d missed their chance at parenthood, a loving couple make a discovery reignites their hope.

  • School’s Out

    When mother Marit wants to discuss the behaviour of her son during a parent-teach conference, teacher Yvonne can’t repress her pent-up feelings anymore. A murderous comedy with finger paint.

  • It’s Christmas

    Its Darren’s first Christmas with the in-laws. His only job was to bring the prawns, but when the family become mysteriously ill, his fight for their approval becomes a fight for his life.
    view It’s Christmas trailer

  • The Tent

    Putting up a tent becomes a fateful event for a dysfunctional family of four.

  • A Family Affair

    When Annabelle wakes up in a strangers bedroom on her 30th birthday, she thinks her day can’t get any worse. But then Bernard walks in.