2020 Awards

Flickerfest presents a huge range of cash & industry-supported prizes to our competing filmmakers for all competition programmes.
Flickerfest is an Academy® Qualifying and BAFTA Recognised Short Film Festival.
Please click here for Academy® information, & here for BAFTA information.View: Flickerfest 2020 Awards Announcement here (pdf).


Flickerfest Award
Best International Short Film (Academy® Qualifying)
Winner: The News (Albania/Spain)
Writer/Director: Lorin Terezi | Writer: Anila Balla | Producer: Anila Balla, Eduardo M Escribano Solera
Prize: $2,500 AUD

Special Jury Prize
Winner: Wilma (Iceland)
Writer/Director/Producer: Hawk Bjorgnisson | Producers: Chanel Bjork Sturlodottir, Saemunder Thor Helgason, Kjarton Thor Thordarson

Yoram Gross Award
Best International Animated Short Film (Academy® Qualifying)
Winner: Mémorable (France)
Writer/Director: Bruno Collet | Producer: Jean-François Le Corre, Mathieu Courtois
Prize: $1,500 AUD

SAE Qantm logo
SAE Creative Media Institute Award
Best Use of Digital Technology In A Short Film
Mind My Mind (Netherlands/Belgium)
Writer/Director/Producer: Floor Adams | Producer: Willem Thijssen, Tom Van Gestel
Prize: $500 AUD

Flickerfest Award
Best Documentary Short Film (Academy® Qualifying)
Winner: All On A Mardi Gras Day (United States)
Writer/Director/Director: Michal Pietrzyk | Producer: Celeste Caliri, David Favret, Gabriel Bienczycki
Prize: $500 AUD

Special Mention for Documentary
Kachalka (Ireland)
Director: Gar O’Rourke | Producer: Ken Wardrop

EU Del Aust
EU In Australia Award
Best EU Short Film

Winner: The Land Over There (Drubenland) – (Germany)
Writer/Director: Arne Kohlweyer| Producer: Christoph Kulkula, Eike Goreczka
Prize: $1000 AUD

Highly Commended: The Jackpot (Germany)
Writer/Director/Producer: Alice von Gwinner | Producer: Hana Geissendoerfer

DFAT Australia now ASEAN Award
Best ASEAN Region Short Film
Winner: Stay Awake, Be Ready (Vietnam)
Writer/Director/Producer: Pham Thien An, Tran Van Thi
Prize $1,000 AUD

Finalist: The Tuk Tuk Of The Fifth Kind
Writer/Director: Anysay Keola | Producers: Mattie Do, Ho Hook Doong

Finalist: Limbo
Writer/Director/Producer: John Luke Miraflor | Producers: Madelaine Miraflor

Highly Commended: Best Script
Evening Stroll
Writer/Director: Candra Aditya | Producer: Angga Buana

Azure Productions
Azure Productions Award
Best Rainbow Short
The Distance Between Us & The Sky

Writer/Director: Vasilis Kekatos | Producer: Blackbird Production, Tripodes Production
Prize: $500 AUD

Special Mention: My Brother Is A Mermaid
Writer/Director/Producer: Alfie Dale


Flickerfest Award
Best Australian Short Film (Academy® Qualifying)
Winner: The Diver
Writer/Director/Producer: Michael Leonard, Jamie Helmer | Writer/Producer: Michael Leonard |Producer: Justin Pechberty, Damien Megherbi
Prize: $2,500 AUD

Special Mention: The Egg
Writer/Director/Producer: Jane Cho | Producers: Ilana Lazar

Yoram Gross Award
Best Australian Animated Short Film
Winner: Rebooted (Australia)
Writer/Director: Michael Shanks | Producer: Nicholas Colla, Chris Hocking/LateNite Films
Prize: $500 AUD

Flickerfest Award
Best Direction in an Australian Short Film
Director: Alana Hicks
Prize: $1000 AUD

Avid logo
Avid Award
Best Editing in an Australian Short Film
Winner: Jessica Mutascio
Prize: Avid Media Composer Editing System valued at over $3,450 AUD

Avid logo
Avid Award
Best Original Music in an Australian Short Film
The Quiet
Winner: Radheya Jegatheva
Prize: Avid ‘Pro Tools’ Digital Audio workstation & ‘Sibelius Ultimate’ software valued at over $1,800 AUD

John Barry Sales
John Barry Award
Best Cinematography in an Australian Short Film
Cinematographer: Gabriel Francis
Prize: Tripod valued at over $1000 AUD

Samantha Rebillet award
Rebel8 Award
Outstanding Emerging Female Director 
In honour of Samantha Rebillet
This Perfest Day
Winner: Lydia Rui for This Perfect Day
Prize: $1000 AUD


SAE Qantm logo
SAE Creative Media Institute FlickerUp Award
Best High School Short Film
Winner – Miles Apart
Producer: Deborah Cave
Director: Sam Sperling
Prize: $500

Yoram Gross FlickerUp Award
Best High School Animated Short Film
Winner – Let Me In, Let Me In
Producer/Director: Elliot Gibson
Prize: $250 AUD

Avid logo
Avid FlickerUp Award
Best Editing in a High School Short Film
Winner – Eve
Producer/Director: Lola Rose Bond
Prize: Avid Media Composer (Educational version) valued at $3,400

Avid FlickerUp Award
Best Editing in a High School Short Film
Special Mention – Symmetry
Producer/Director – Rob Plaza

Parkers logo
Parker’s Organic Juices FlickerUp Award
Best Primary School Short Film
Winner – Giba
Producer – Gene Geoffrey
Director: Year 7 Doveton College
Prize: $250 AUD

Special Mention – La Luna Trista
Producer – Gene Geoffrey
Directors – Anna, Charlotte, Kim, Liana, Waiora, Yadullah