April Flickers in Kalgoorlie, Eden & Whitsundays

31st March 2014

The Flickerfest tour keeps going strong across the nation delighting audiences with local and international short film gems. Were off to screen some short film gold in Kalgoorlie WA for the 1st time this weekend with a massive 5 different screenings (Australian, International, Comedy & Kids programmes across two venues- highlights include the delightful South African short Kanyekanye, and a selection of FlickerKids shorts for shorties sure to delight the big kid in everyone! Check out all the details here: https://flickerfest.com.au/tour/kalgoorlie-wa/


The following weekend 11th and 12th of April we head off the Eden in Southern NSW where Flickerfest director Bronwyn Kidd will hold a workshop on short film making; and to tropical Airlie Beach Whitsundays QLD where we will be screening for the 3rd year.

Check out these events and all remaining May Flickerings on the tour page. We hope to catch you on the road!

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