Check Out Comedy & Relationship Shorts!

11th January 2018


Outside of our Academy Award qualifying Competition programmes we have some wonderful special showcase programmes of shorts for every occasion.

If it’s a deep belly laugh you’re after, we have two varies comedy programmes on offer.

Short Laughs Comedy 1 features BAFTA award winning actress Monica Dolan as a woman who develops an intense relationship with a plant following her husband’s death in the hilarious Fern out of the United Kingdom.

Out of Belgium comes the tale of Jonas, a scriptwriter suffering from writers block, and who under his producer’s command invited a talented Parisian scriptwriter into his home to assist him in his new script.  Things aren’t quite what they seem however in the hilarious Le Scenariste (The Screenwriter) screening as part of Short Laughs Comedy 2.

If romance is your more your thing, or perhaps you may have a hot date, then our Love Bites showcase programme might be the one for you! Exploring the joy, the sadness, the maddening craziness and the heartbreak of all this romantic this programme is sure to make you laugh and maybe even cry.  From Sweden comes Önskedrömmar (Make a Wish) about Anita and Gunnar, a retired couple leading a slow and steady life, that is until the day that Anita wishes to be visited from a young virile TV show host!  When her wish comes true Gunnar is left out in the cold, or so it seems!!

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