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FlickerKids – 2015 Tour

A delightfully entertaining programme of shorts that will appeal to the kid in everyone.

Screening: On Tour | Duration: 95 min | Classification: suitable for kids approx 6-12years

  • The Duck

    A duck hopelessly in love with a rock that can never love him back must take action before his heart breaks.

  • Hush

    Being deaf is lonely for 9-year-old Ishika, especially on weekend visits with her Father who never seems to hear her when it matters. But then an intriguing call from outside – can she save a dying tree that seems to be talking to her?


  • Rocketman

    Inspired by his favourite television series, a young boy sets about building a Rocket to save his mum from his father.

  • School Friends

    Jed, Kevin and Craig are the reject kids at school. They sit next to each other in class and spend lunchtime together in a quiet corner of the playground next to the rubbish bin.

  • Bunny New Girl

    7 year old Annabel arrives for her first day at a new school wearing a home made rabbit mask. And despite the gentle reassurance of kindly teacher, Mr Borbidge, her classmates are soon wondering what it is she’s hiding. When the class bully exposes her secret, it takes the empathy of a new friend to give her the courage to be seen, just the way she is.

  • Super Sounds

    In a quiet coastal town, a young, disabled boy with superhero aspirations meets a curious young girl. Afraid she’ll see him for who he is, the boy does his best to avoid her at all costs, escaping to the word of his imagination.

  • High Tide

    Can Jamie set his fishing line aside for one night in order to catch the girl of his dreams?

  • Astronaut-K

    Crash landed on a barren lifeless planet, a chubby astronaut is forced to adapt to his surroundings as he struggles to survive!

  • Titan

    Innocent day-dreamer, Jack hates himself for handing over his prize Fighting Fantasy Titan card to Isaac, the reigning Tasmanian Beast Clash Champion.

  • The Dam Keeper

    Short animation The Dam Keeper tells the tale of a young pig encumbered with an important job, and the meeting of a new classmate who changes everything.

  • The Present.

    Jake spends most of his time playing video games indoors until his mum decides to give him a present.