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Best of Australian 6 – 2014

The sixth of seven programmes featuring the best Australian shorts films in competition.

Screening: Wed 15 Jan, 6.30pm | Running Time: 113 min | Classification: u15yrs to be w/adult

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  • Woody

    Ever since he was a child Woody has dreamt of playing piano. The problem is that he only has wooden paddles for his hands. Stuck in a job he doesn’t want, Woody spends his days of being a concert pianist. His dreams are big, but they are about to get out of hand.

  • The iMom

    The iMom is a wildly successful product that’s guaranteed to raise your kids for you. When a preoccupied mother leaves her 8 year old son and baby daughter under the care of the family’s iMom, an irreversible connection is formed.

  • Ricochet

    On an isolated country farm Peter has spent years protecting his only daughter Ginny from the painful truth of their past. But when his estranged brother unexpectedly arrives the day that follows will unearth a secret long kept hidden with tragic results.

  • Flyboy

    An estranged mother and father discuss their son’s desire to fly.

  • Bloomers

    When Stella realises she’s the only girl in her class who doesn’t have her period, she sets out to fast-track her way to womanhood through somewhat unconventional methods.

  • Goldfield

    The year is 1853 and locked within the harsh terrain of Eastern Australia, two prospectors have toiled driven by the belief that once they strike gold their struggles will be behind them. However, they’re about to discover that sharing the rare metal will be the hardest test of all.

  • The Hunter

    Jarlo a young Aboriginal hunter reunites with his true love Miboo to begin a journey on a fateful quest. As they walk through ancient lands they come upon an ominous sign. When Jarlo decides to ignore the sign and continue alone into a sacred area, he soon realizes that the law of the land makes no exceptions, not even for love.

  • Why Ryan Is On Detention

    Why Ryan is on Detention is the story of a high school rugby coach struggling to deal with the death of his star player who died after a heavy tackle during interschool footy. When Jason (Nathan Falcke) dies after a heavy tackle during interschool footy his coach Mr Thomson (Jimmy Taylor) and his best mate Ryan (CharlesGrounds) are left to deal with the aftermath. Thommo doesn’t want to talk about it while Ryan doesn’t even know where to begin. Their shared silence hides a sad truth about what it means to be a man on Thommo’s team. But now with Jason gone and Thommo seemingly indifference, Ryan must decide what kind of man he wants to be.

  • Emo (The Musical)

    There is a strange holy war happening in the school as a group of Christian musicians and a group of Emos battle for the music room. Caught amongst this is Emo Ethan and good Christian girl Trinity who are newly in love. Finding it hard enough to reconcile their own differences, they dread what will happen if their friends ever found out. As the turf war escalates and things turn serious, the star-crossed lovers are forced to make decisions that might cost them their friends, their place in school and each other.

  • Little Old Lady

    When two elderly ladies realise they’re the only canditates for the main role of a television commercial pleasantries are put on hold.