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Best of Australian 7 – 2014

Seventh of seven programmes featuring the best Australian shorts films in competition.


Screening: Thu 16 Jan, 8.45pm | Running Time: 117 min | Classification: u15yrs to be w/adult

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  • Great Adventures

    Heroes villains legends. Twenty years ago Billy and his Grandad were all of these and more every Sunday afternoon before tea. Great Adventures is a magnificent sweeping suburban epic that celebrates the power of imagination and the bond between generations.

  • Tango Underpants

    Carolyn, a young Australian backpacker, travels to Buenos Aries where she discovers not only the wonders of the Tango but also the vital importance of the right underwear! Starring Emma Booth.

  • Invisible (2013)

    A man on the run hides in the roof of a couple’s house only to discover it belongs to the very person who is hunting him.

  • The Gift

    Grace is forced to face her own sexuality and the strain on her marriage when her son Charlie who has Cerebral Palsy asks to lose his virginity for his birthday. We meet the family on the night of Charlie’s birthday as Grace prepares the gift to arrive. Will the gift be all Charlie hoped for? Will this gift unite or separate the parents who stand at odds? Either way the gift is on her way.

  • Ngurrumbang

    A colonial girl’s loyalty to her protective father is put to the test when she finds a gravely injured Aboriginal man by the river.

  • Submerged

    Awakening from an unnervingly visceral dream, Claire climbs out of bed in an attempt to shake the suffocating sensation. But when her apartment hallway leads her directly onto a beach, the line between dream and reality blurs. Her concerned husband tries to focus her attention, but her mind keeps traveling back to the beach. To the girl she sees marching out into the ocean in her sparkly dress. Is this Claire’s subconscious misleading her, or something more?

  • The Fence

    It’s 1992 and Cambodian refugee Virak is living at the Villawood Refugee Hostel with his daughter waiting for his application for asylum to be processed. He is working and saving so that he can bring his wife over to Australia too. He’s just been promoted at work and he’s nearly got enough money but then they start to build a fence..

  • A Great Man

    The year is 1969. Man prepares to walk on the moon Woodstock rocks on and the Boeing 747 takes to the skies for the first time. But in a small Australian town Ry is eclipsed by the shadow of his charismatic daredevil best friend Dusty and the memory of his Vietnam war hero brother. He must overcome his greatest fears to escape the confines of his small town and go on to become.. ‘A Great Man’.

  • The Chuck In

    24 Beers, 3 Boys and 1 Flawless Plan. Three sixteen year old boys concoct an elaborate plan to purchase a carton of liquid gold.