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Best Of Australian Shorts – 2021 Tour Adelaide

This programme is a specially curated selection of highlights from Flickerfest’s Australian Academy® Qualifying competition programmes in Bondi 2021.

Flickerfest, celebrating 30 years bringing you the Best of Australian Shorts ‘Great Short Film Never Dies’!

*This programme contains mature themes & is not recommended for children under 15.
Classification: Children under 15yrs must be accompanied by an adult.
*Times & Prices may change, please check with the venue.

Best of Australian Shorts – Added highlights for Adelaide:
These Adelaide region films ‘Roborovski’, ‘Aquaphobe, ‘System Error’, ‘If I Quit Now’, ‘Waiyirri’, ‘In The Wake’ & ‘Wirun’ officially selected for Flickerfest in Bondi are included in this programme.

There will be a Q&A after the screening with Bronwyn Kidd (Flickerfest Director) & the filmmakers.

Download: Best Of Australian Shorts 2021 tour Adelaide programme

View: Best of Australian Shorts promo reel – Adelaide

Screening: On Tour | Running Time: 105 min | Classification: under 15yrs to be w/adult

  • Roborovski

    Roborovski follows an eponymous thimble sized hamster, who spends his days in Marvin’s Pet Shop, hoping to find a family.  However, when he is constantly overlooked by the people and animals around him, his seething resentment and intense jealousy soon takes hold and the murderous side of little Roborovski is released

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  • The End, The Beginning

    In the picture-book town of Collector, a young girl and her gang of rogue environmentalists are trying to save the planet as the world goes into lockdown. The main target of the rebellion? The girl’s very own father.

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  • Aquaphobe

    A young woman who used to be a cat must overcome her fear of water in order to save her

  • System Error

    Every day, George works his job at a dingy convenience store, desperately hoping for a friend – but George is also an immobile robotic service unit, and immobile service units do not have friends.  Not yet anyway.

  • If I Quit Now

    Andrew’s decision to quit the residential rehab program devastates the loyal teenager he’s supposed to be mentoring.

  • Waiyirri

    Two women – a Missionary’s wife, Mary, and Ngarrindjeri woman, Lacardi, meet in a changing world, 1860s South Australia; tragedy strikes leaving Mary questioning her need to ‘save souls’ and instead finding solace in Lacardi‘s culture and connection to Country.

  • In The Wake

    After a devastating car crash involving her thrill-seeking sister, Alice is left with only her grieving mother and buried memories of the event.

  • Wirun

    A young Indigenous girl must dig deep to own her performance of a Shakespearean sonnet for her high school drama class.