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Best of Australian Shorts – 2024 Tour Perth

This programme is a specially curated selection of highlights from Flickerfest’s Australian Academy® Qualifying competition programmes in Bondi 2024.

Flickerfest, celebrating 33 years bringing you the Best of Australian Shorts.
‘Everyone’s Invited!’

*This programme contains mature themes & is not recommended for children under 15.
Classification: Children under 15yrs must be accompanied by an adult.
*Times & Prices may change, please check with the venue.

Download: Best of Australian Shorts Tour programme Perth pdf

Screening: On Tour | Running Time: 117 min | Classification: under 15yrs to be w/adult

  • Darwin Story

    Lee returns to Darwin from London when her mum is taken ill. After a chance encounter, there’s an opportunity to reflect on the past, but is she ready to think differently about the beautiful place she calls home?
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  • To Be Silent

    Noongar and Spinifex Aboriginal woman Tace Stevens explores the impact of code-switching on her identity, before revealing what led her to embrace the power of standing firm in who she is, no matter where she is.

  • Raising Thunder

    A young girl discovers a magical cloud that may hold the key to mending her father’s broken heart.

  • Esperance To Fremantle

    Not having seen his Father since he was an infant, a wayward teenager, Rob, searches for him in Fremantle, Western Australia. Tracking his Father to a pub, Rob resolves to approach him as if he were a stranger in order to discover who he really is and his reasons for leaving.

  • Bad Vibrations

    A one-shot horror film. When two housemates use a theremin to play an ancient incantation, they accidentally summon a demonic force that torments its victims with sound.

  • Featherfoot

    When an ancient spirit is awoken in the woods, two innocent lives are changed forever.

  • Fences

    When his son sends an AI version of himself to mend the fences on the family property, an ageing farmer must adapt to the change, or else lose his relationship with his son entirely. Starring Indigenous actor Meyne Wyatt and Scottish-Australian actor Colin Friels.
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  • Cold Water

    Inspired by true events. Set in St Kilda, Australia, an elderly woman’s peaceful retirement is interrupted when her husband takes up a bizarre new hobby.
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  • Yeah The Boys

    Yeah the Boys follows six young Aussie men as they sink beers over an afternoon and well into the night. Emoting only through movement; lewd gestures, chokeholds, crowd surfs, and chugging shoeys, they somehow say everything without uttering a single word. Equal parts larrikin, brutal, and tender, this choreographic short film scored by The Avalanches is an observation of Australian masculine identity and our nation’s relationship with drinking culture.
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