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Best Of Documentary Shorts 1 – 2024

The 1st of two programmes featuring the best of International & Australian Documentary short films in competition. International & Australian filmmakers vying for the prestigious Flickerfest Award for Best Documentary (Academy® Qualifying).

Screening: Sun 21 Jan, 4pm | Runtime: 122 min | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult

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  • Been There

    Weekend trips, city breaks, a detour into nature or once around the world. Barely a few days off, you’re already gone. Never before has the desire to travel been so widespread and visited places so overloaded. What do we get out of it, other than the picture proof that we have been there?

  • Line Rider

    Like any mad genius, Boštjan Čadež lives life on his own creative terms. Art. Music. Robotics. There’s nothing his mind can’t conquer – except perhaps the legacy of his globally famous, generation-defining video game “Line Rider”…and his tendency to self-destruct.

  • Note Of Defiance

    Filmed in early 2023, on the Ukrainian-Russian border, this short documentary explores two artists’ use of their creativity and art as a means of cultural survival and defiance.

  • Remember, Broken Crayons Colour Too

    Shannet’s voice echoes in the darkness. She is lost. The night scenery of a modern city opens up.  She remembers it was a sunny summer day and vivid memories are relived at a time of trauma. Now in a different place and time Shannet creates new memories on another sunny day.

  • Fata Morgana

    Truck driver Abu Husain, like many guest workers in Qatar, spends endless hours in a self-contained world of standing, waiting, and tenaciously moving trucks on the fringes of society.

  • Unless We Dance

    Jonathan (Bonays), an Afro dance teacher, undertakes an initiative to rescue young people from the crime that stalks Quibdó, a city with the highest homicide rates in Colombia. This is how Black Boys Chocó emerged, a dance company where hundreds of young people face brutal destinies through a passion. UNLESS WE DANCE portrays union and dance as the greatest expression of shielding the Afro people, it is a tribute to their act of resilience and to all the lives that have been lost along the way.

  • Little To Big

    A much-loved guinea pig has been put down. Someone has been dissed by their first, biggest love. And out in the shimmering summer archipelago, a little girl is carrying a terrible secret. LITTLE TO BIG follows a Swedish helpline for children and young people who are in need of someone to listen.