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FlickerKids – 2017 Tour

A delightfully entertaining programme of shorts that will appeal to the kid in everyone.

Screening: On Tour | Duration: 84 min | Classification: suitable for kids approx 6-12years

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  • Cats and Dogs

    One can’t force a friendship, but an emergency can build a friendship.

  • Daisy Chain

    A little girl falls victim to a gang of shadowy bullies… until she discovers that her love of daisy chains unlocks a power that will bring light to the darkness of the playground. (screening out of competition)

  • Dunder

    Bulder’s snowball fight with his best friend Modika is interrupted when Lex steals her away to study snowflakes.
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  • The Inspector And The Umbrella

    New York 1952. The day promises to be rainy, but nothing can affect our Inspector Frigg… nothing?
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  • La Rentree Des Classes (A Town Called Panic: Back to School)

    Cowboy and Indian are about to set off on a magnificent cruise on a luxury liner, but they have made a big mistake.

  • Perched

    A crotchety old man used to a life of seclusion inside his submarine balanced precariously atop a mountain, struggles to maintain equilibrium when an unwelcome visitor rocks his world.

  • The Boggabilla Bus

    Words have never come easy to eight-year-old Oscar, so saying goodbye to his best friend Ashley before her big move was always going to be tough. When Oscar realises he might have missed his final chance to say goodbye, he decides to do what any best friend would do, hijack the dusty old country school bus and go after her.

  • TIS

    A still blank sheet of paper. A silhouette appears delineated beneath its surface. Here is our hero, TIS. He struggles and manages to free himself from the sheet of paper, but his feet remain attached to it.

  • Summer Camp Island

    Oscar and his best friend Hedgehog just got dropped off at Summer Camp. Once all the parents leave the island, all of the strangeness lurking beneath the surface starts to come out.