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FlickerKids 2019

A delightfully entertaining programme of shorts that will appeal to the kid in everyone.

Screening: Tues 15 Jan, 2pm | Duration: 82 min | Classification: suitable for kids approx 5-12years

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  • The Pig On The Hill

    When Pig’s free‐spirited, rambunctious new neighbor, Duck, plunges himself into Pig’s quiet, orderly life, Pig learns that having friends is what he has been missing all along.

  • All In Good Time

    A comic fantasy about two children, one in 1918, the other in 2018, who magically communicate across time through messages in a bottle and help solve each other’s problems.

  • Jasper

    Jasper is a character piece about a little girl who will stop at nothing until she achieves her dream to one day fly through the clouds.

  • Kuap

    A tadpole somehow misses out on becoming a frog and is left behind, alone. But there is much to discover in the pond and spring is sure to come again next year. A little story about growing up.

  • The Sandpit

    Jasmine spends her lunch digging for pebbles in the school sandpit. She’s an outcast to the other kids, but Alex sees her differently.

  • Bumbardai

    A 5-year-old nomadic boy will travel across the vast steppe in a blizzard to mend his ailing mother.

  • Space Girls

    During a sleepover, four space obsessed 9-year-old girls embark on a secret mission in their cardboard rocket.

  • Ghostbear

    A polar bear cub, the Ghostbear, wanders through the antic wasteland in search of his place in the world and his birthplace in the stars.

  • Zoua

    “ZOUA” tells the story of a special boy who lives on a deserted island and though he is great friends with the local animals, he longs more than anything to live where he can play with other children.

  • Sherbert Rozencrantz, You’re Beautiful

    Milly’s world revolves around her pet guinea pig. When her mother attempts to engineer for her a ‘real’ friend, it results in ridicule and forces Milly to question her sense of self.