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Short Laughs Comedy 1 – 2024

The 1st of two programmes of clever off-kilter selections of comedy shorts from across the world.

Screening: Thur 25 Jan, 9pm | Runtime: 111 mins | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult

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  • The Nectar Instead

    A young fly gets trapped in the fly trap in the stop-motion studio only to have the existential realisation that it spent its entire life chasing after the wrong thing.

  • Scrumpy

    Scrumpy grapples with the impending arrival of his birthday, an annual milestone that casts a shadow over his spirits, as he navigates a whimsical yet tumultuous journey to reconcile his disdain for this cherished day of celebration.

  • Ashes

    Bereft after the loss of her beloved Dad James, Frances misses the appointment to pick up his ashes. Through a bizarre posthumous prank, can James rectify his daughter’s habitual lateness, even after he’s gone? A darkly comedic story about grief, tough love, and the unexpected ways those who have passed continue to influence us.
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  • Career Day

    A once promising 90’s pop star and his boy band reunite for his daughter’s elementary school Career Day and go viral.

  • Fatih the Conqueror

    This Saturday is a Turkish wedding day at Espace Venise (France). Huddled in a car in the parking lot, Fatih, 21, wants to get married. He has set his sights on Ipek, Recep’s sister. But neither Murat, his best friend, nor Recep, nor even Ipek are aware of this yet.

  • Ministry of Jingle

    Melody is the new hire at the Ministry of Jingle, a Government department in charge of creating public safety jingles about a range of topics; seatbelts, condoms, littering. She arrives ready to tackle her big anxieties and the world’s most complex problems.

  • The Bank Manager

    Based on true events from 1932 outback Australia. Amidst drought and recession a farmer assembles a team to pull off the first phase of a bank robbery. But can a few maverick cowboys and a woman named Peach really pull off a sophisticated heist? And in their small country town, can they keep the secret?
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  • Cages

    With Maggie’s pet shop days away from foreclosure, desperation drives her down a path of unlawful activity to save her beloved animals.

  • Transcending Harry

    Harry, an ordinary man, undergoes an unexpected spiritual awakening, which triggers a peculiar physical manifestation, that provides him with a profound insight into the human experience. However, he quickly discovers his journey has only just begun, and he must now navigate a society where individuals prioritise their personal interests.

  • Dark Night of the Jules

    An existential comedy about tourism (and difficult software).