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Short Laughs Comedy 2014 (repeat)

Chortle your way through a hilariously off-kilter selection of funny shorts.

Running time: 103 mins | Classification: Under 15 years to be w/adult | Screening: Fri 17 Jan, 8.45pm

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  • Pitaako Mun Kaikki Hoitaa? (Do I Have To Take Care Of Everything?)

    A comedy about a chaotic morning in a family with kids, and about a mother who is determined that it’s best to take care of everything herself.

  • Crush 472

    Tim thinks he might just have found the girl of his dreams – again.

  • The Hatinator

    Alex is anxious in the lead up to his nightmare boss’ 50th birthday party, however he’s confident that with a lovely new girlfriend on his arm he will impress his boss and the rest of the office. A domestic comedy of errors that shows how living to please others can backfire most spectacularly.

  • The Pick Up

    A guy on the make hits on the wrong woman when he tries a novel approach to picking up a girl in a Laundromat one afternoon, but the result may be a hot new bro-mance.

  • The Golden Ticket

    Bradley Moore is having a BAD day. He gets dumped evicted and fired all before lunch. But when a stranger offers Brad a Golden Ticket allowing him act without consequence for the remainder of the day things take a turn..

  • The 8 Inch Pinch

    A young police officer lands a cushy assignment to deliver an illegal ferret to a wildlife shelter unharmed but an incident whilst he is driving turns his mission into the most unexpected siege of his career.

  • Liars

    A group of failed creatives faithfully support each other as they pursue their ambitions – that is until their true feelings are revealed in spectacular fashion. Is honesty really the best policy?

  • Clean

    It’s an autumn day, Eric, in his thirties has a small problem. A jar in his hand he is desperately seeking help. After asking unsuccessfully all around Eric sets out to search for someone who can make him ‘Clean’.

  • No Budget

    Hugo Weaving and David Wenham try to muscle in as two cineastes debate the best way to take on the world of low budget film making.

  • Anthony

    It’s Christmas Eve, an enormous explosion tears through Lapland. Santa and his elf. Anthony, have crash-landed in the middle of nowhere on their busiest night.

  • Eugene

    A man checks into a hotel and is mysteriously delivered an intriguing gift.

  • 30 Minutes By Day

    They are old and watch TV all day except for when it is time to do the daily 30 minutes of activity. This is the doctor’s prescription. The timer starts an each one individually embarks on a journey. Will they find love at the end of it?