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8th-17th January 2016, Bondi Beach, Sydney AUSTRALIA

Flickerfest is an Academy® Accredited and BAFTA-recognised festival for the 2014/15 awards.

FLiCKERFEST, Australia’s premier international short film festival, will be held at the Bondi Pavilion on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach in January 2016. The Festival in 2016 will celebrate 25 years of screening the best short films from Australia and around the world in competitions and special showcases. Following the Festival in Sydney, a selection of films will go on tour to 50 capital cities and regional centres around Australia.

(please email coordinator@flickerfest.com.au with any enquiries)

*Note: Entries for Flickerfest are Now CLOSED; except by special invitation.

Thanks to all the filmmakers who have entered this year. We’ve had an exceptional response.
All of our 1000’s of entries are currently out with the selection committee.
Stay tuned we cant wait to announce our festival programme in December 2015.

*Note: Our FlickerUp National Schools competition EXTENDED DEADLINE Fri 16th October.

*For any enquiries regarding this or special invitation entries please email manager@flickerfest.com.au



The 2016 Festival will include the following competitions:

International: Open to films from anywhere in the world under 35mins

Australian: Open to films made in Australia or by Australian residents under 35mins

Documentary: Open to short documentaries from anywhere in the world under 35mins

Environmental: Open to films that focus on or have environmental themes under 35mins

FlickerUp: Australian School Students Competition – open to films from students enrolled in primary or secondary schools in Australia, or individuals under 18. (This competition will be divided into 2 sections: one for primary age and one for secondary age students).



Award for Best Short Film – (Academy® Accredited)

Special Jury Award

Award for Best Animation – (Academy® Accredited)

Award for Best Documentary (Academy® Accredited)

Award for Best Environmental Short Film

Award for Best Use of Digital Technology in a Short Film


Award for Best Australian Short Film (Academy® accredited)

Award for Best Direction in an Australian Short Film

Award for Best Cinematography in an Australian Short Film

Award for Best Editing in an Australian Short Film

Industry and cash prizes will be awarded in the above categories of over $40,000 AUD in value.

To submit your film you must fulfil the eligibility criteria and abide by the terms and conditions.

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(Eligibility, On-line Entry Links, Terms & Conditions)


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