Flickerfest Roadshow: Mackay, Adelaide, Canberra, Parramatta, Newcastle here we come!

8th May 2024

On The Road With Flickerfest 

Image Flickerfest Brisbane

The Flickerfest tour has shared the short film love far and wide and continues to roll out the red carpet on tour across the country. This May/June Flickerfest will be hitting the big screen in Mackay, Adelaide, Canberra, Parramatta, Newcastle and more. Don’t miss your chance to celebrate the best of short cinema from home and across the globe, meet filmmakers and enjoy local shorts fresh from their Flickerfest premieres in each town.

– What’s On This Weekend? – 

First Stop: Mackay

Image ‘Favourites’

Mackay – Central QLD Conservatorium Of Music – Saturday 11th May, 7.30pm

Catch the Best of Australian Shorts touring across Australia and stopping for 1 night only at Mackay. Our Aussie collection includes Flickerfest audience fav’s, award-winners, and inspiring QLD shorts.
Fresh from Flickerfest Bondi are:
– Favourites, a hilarious comedy about 2 parents facing an impossible choice, directed by Nick Russel.
– Djalbuyan Nahra, an outstanding First Nations short from Flickerfest Alumni Jahvis Loveday
– Ashes, a fun father-daughter comedy written and directed by Georgina Haig, starring the stunning performance of comedy masters Michael Caton and Michala Banas
– The Bank Manager, a delightful comedy shot in Cloncurry, based on a 1932 true story of a few maverick cowboys and a woman named Peach pulling off a sophisticated heist, by Madeleine Chaplain & Luke Chaplain.
….and more!

SA Films Shine In Adelaide This Weekend

Image ‘Spite’

Adelaide – The Mercury – Saturday 11th May, 6.00pm & 9.00pm

Adelaide friends, everyone’s Invited to Flickerfest’s Best of Australian Shorts and Best of International Shorts as we return to The Mercury in Adelaide for 1 big night of cinema magic!

Start your weekend with the Best of Australian Shorts showcasing 7 beautiful South Australian stories made in your own backyard.
– Are You Really The Universe?, an intimate, visceral exploration of love, relationships and the way we cling to the past in order to convince ourselves in the present, from talented director Tamara Hardman
– Blame The Rabbit, a modern take on the Gorgon myth about what happens when you disrespect the Divine Feminine, directed by Elene Carapetis
– Bulldog, a moving LGBT story highlighting an unprecedentedly relationship between 2 footy players that is not accepted or talked about in the hyper-masculine footy environment, written/directed/produced by Tom Lawrence-Doyle
– Sick Day, following a 10-year-old day whose day at home changes his view of the world, by writer/director Stephen Packer
– Cordelia, Daughter Of The Sea, a moving and visually stunning short by Maddie Grammatopoulos, where a father delivers a wedding speech to his only offspring on her wedding day
– Spite, a thrilling and amusing short from talented directors Madeline Gordon and Paul Gallasch, about a young woman who goes out of her way to take revenge on her uncaring boyfriend with surprising consequences
– Human Range, an uproarious friendship drama that takes us to the reunion of a group of friends, who in a previous life were all members of a punk music group, from filmmaker Morgan Wright.

At 9pm, take a trip around the world with the Best of International Shorts and experience the incredible award winning from across the globe that starred at Flickerfest this year. Be amazed by talents from many countries including the UK with the short drama My Week With Maisy starring the legend of stage and screen Joanna Lumley.

‘Mrs Foster, a retired, middle-class Daily Mail reader, whose cup is half empty, is starting chemotherapy and is understandably anxious. The last thing she needs is to have to share the treatment room with a ‘know-it-all child’ who wants to grow up to be a lesbian. But through their unexpected friendship, Maisy gives Mrs Foster much more than just a glimmer of hope.’ 

​Meet the South Australian filmmakers when they introduce their films at the start of the Australian shorts programme; & enjoy a complimentary drink between sessions.

Canberra’s – Best Of Flickerfest

Image ‘Beautiful Things’

Canberra – Palace Electric Cinema – Thursday 16th May, 7.00pm

Everyone’s Invited to the unique Best of Flickerfest Shorts 2024 screening in Canberra on Thursday 16th May. Flickerfest is thrilled to share an incredible programme of 9 of its favourite shorts including Australian and European Union award-winning shorts, that give a diverse taste of all that Flickerfest has to offer. 

Local ACT talents star in the Best of Flickerfest Shorts 2024, Skye Leon who grew up in Canberra produced First Nations documentary Short To Be Silent plus Canberra local talents Benjamin Ling, cinematography and Emily Taylor hair & makeup for Beautiful Things about a struggling poet, recovering addict, resentful matriarch, fractured family, held together by a yearly ritual which is about to change… starring ex army lawyer and whistleblower David McBride. and don’t miss Cold Water, winner of the AFTRS award for Best Screenplay, whose director Jay Perry graduated from the University of Canberra.

Screening alongside them are the EU Award Winning Shorts from Flickerfest 2024, don’t miss the clever I’m Not A Robot, winner of the Best of EU Short, by Dutch director Victoria Warmerdam, winner of Best EU Rainbow short Slow Down The Fall from German director Camille Tricaud, and a winner of our Oscar Qualifying Best International Short award a A Study of Empathy by German director Hilke Rönnfeldt and Danish cast and crew. Presented by the Delegation of the European Union to Australia.

Enjoy this entertaining night of cinema with a delicious Gage Roads brew or Matso’s Ginger beerRosnay Organic wineFour Pillars Gin or Saba juice upon arrival and meet some of our Australian filmmakers and the festival team on the night.

Here We Come Parramatta Celebrating Local Talent!

Image ‘Bad Vibrations’

Parramatta – Riverside Theatres – Rafferty’s Theatre – Saturday 18th May, 4.00pm & 6.30pm

In Parramatta, don’t miss your last chance to catch Flickerfest near Sydney on Saturday 18th May at Riverside Theatres for 2 widely entertaining screenings of the Best of Australian Shorts and Best of International Shorts.

At 4pm, kickstart start your weekend with the Best of Australian Shorts, showcasing 10 stunning award-winning short films, including Western Sydney talent:

– Bad Vibrations, The stunning one-shot horror story about two flatmates whose Theremin instrument creates serious chills is directed by Parramatta area filmmaker Nicole Deprado.
– Cactus, exploring intergenerational conflict and connection between neighbours, directed by Inner Western Sydney’s Milena Bennett.

At 6.30pm, get onboard with Best of International Shorts to explore culture and storytelling from across the globe. One of our festival faves is the delightful Himalayan story from Ladakh Last Days Of Summer, from talented Indian filmmaker Stenzin Tankong ‘A recurring mysterious sound from mountains in the Himalaya is heard only by two curious young shepherds. Unable to convince the villagers of the scary nature of such sound, they journey into the unknown to unravel the mystery.’

Enjoy this entertaining night of cinema with a delicious Gage Roads brew or Matso’s Ginger beerRosnay Organic wine, or Saba juice between sessions, and meet our NSW filmmakers and the festival team on the night. 

Newcastle Here We Come!

Image ‘What’s In A Name

Newcastle – Civic Playhouse Theatre– Saturday 15th June, 6.30pm & 9pm

At 6.30, Celebrate festival award winners and favourites, including Newcastle’s local filmmakers, in the Best of Australian Shorts showcasing 10 unforgettable stories. Don’t miss the moving What’s In A Name winner of Best Direction at Flickerfest 2024, about an African Australian couple, who whilst taking part in a documentary discover fractures from another history, from talented director Kalu Oji, who went to school locally. Plus, the live-action short based on the heartwarming children’s book adaptation Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge produced by local talent Caleb Irwin.

At 9 pm, the funniest Flickerfest programme Short Laughs Comedy presents a clever off-kilter selection of shorts from across the world. Highlights include the unexpected and delightful French animation Spoon. From Australia, laugh-out-loud at Flickerfest Alumni Jesse Vogelaar’s latest short film Room For One More.

Australian comedy also shines with the fun outback tale The Bank Manager, a delightfully entertaining short based on the true events of a 1932 bank heist in Cloncurry and enjoy the highly humorous NZ film Good Luck where its introduction to life for newborns is mandatory viewing.

Enjoy a complimentary drink between sessions and meet Caleb Irwin and the festival team on the night. 

Enjoy this entertaining night of cinema with a delicious Four Pillars GinGage Roads brew or Matso’s Ginger beerRosnay Organic wine, or Saba juice between sessions and meet our NSW filmmakers and the festival team on the night. 

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