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3rd December 2015

This year our Flickerfest 2016 Festival & Tour trailers written and directed by talented Flickerfest alumni Kacie Anning, sees a glamorous Marilyn Monroe (played by the gorgeous Abby Earl) descend upon Bondi Beach. The play on ‘Marilyn comes to Bondi’ culminates, of course, in Marilyn singing a very well deserved ‘Happy Birthday to Flickerfest’.
Abby Earl leads a star-studded cast with additional appearances from Callan McAuliffe (The Great Gatsby, Flipped, I Am Number Four), Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins (Bondi Rescue) and Roy Billing (Underbelly – A Tale Of Two Cities).
Big thanks to our amazing cast and crew who generously supported our production on the day, including Panavision, IC Films, Paper Moose and Trackdown.
Thank you all!.


Filckerfest 2016 Festival Trailer from Flickerfest on Vimeo.


Flickerfest 2016 Tour Trailer from Flickerfest on Vimeo.

We hope you enjoy our Marilyn Monroe inspired Festival & Tour Trailers, starring Abby Earl, Callan McAuliffe, Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins & Roy Billing.

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