FLiCKERFEST 2016 Official Australian Competitive Programme Unveiled!

11th December 2015


After many, many months of deliberation and some very tough decision-making, the 25th Flickerfest International Short Film Festival is thrilled to announce the full list of 53 films officially selected into our Academy® Accredited Australian Competition for 2016, selected from over 2300 entries received for Flickerfest 2016.

This year’s official Australian Competition features 18 world premieres, 6 Australian premieres and 10 NSW premieres showcasing Australia’s most talented short filmmakers. This year 21 female directors are represented across the official competition confirming FLiCKERFEST’s strong commitment over many years to representing gender diversity.

All films officially selected at FLiCKERFEST are competing for a number of fabulous prizes across all areas of the filmmaking craft including the Academy® Accredited Virgin Australia Award for Best Australian Film, the Canon Award for Best Direction and the Yoram Gross Award for Best Australian Animation.

FLiCKERFEST is Australia’s only Academy®™ accredited and BAFTA recognised short film festival and kicks off the summer cinema season under the stars at Bondi Beach, screening the hottest short films from Australia and the world in the chilled and iconic location of the Bondi Pavilion from Friday 8 January to Sunday 17 January.  In 2016 FLiCKERFEST celebrates its 25th birthday.

Festival Director Bronwyn Kidd, steering her 19th festival into the birthday celebrations, said today she is “thrilled that FLiCKERFEST once again is a platform for our most exciting, creative and talented short filmmakers in Australia and we look forward to celebrating this talent for FLiCKERFEST’s landmark 25th year.”

After wrapping up the ten day Sydney event, the very best festival flicks will then hit the road to 50+ destinations across the country for the annual tour between January and May 2016.  FLiCKERFEST is fresh bite-sized global cinema at its very best – the must-attend summer event not to be missed!

Congratulations to all of our selected filmmakers and a huge thanks to all of the many talented filmmakers who entered FLiCKERFEST this year; sadly we always have more great short films entered than we are able to screen at the festival.

We can’t wait to share this spectacular programme of shorts from the cream of Australia’s most talented short filmmakers under the summer stars at Bondi Beach 8-17 January and programme highlights on tour across Australia this summer.

Stay tuned for next Wednesday 16 December when we will be announcing our Academy® Accredited International, Documentary and GreenFlicks – global environmental films – competitions, with the full programme announced by 18 December.

We look forward to welcoming you at FLiCKERFEST 2016!

Head to the FLiCKERFEST website – www.flickerfest.com.au for the full programme and to purchase tickets, from 18 December.

Check out the fabulously funny OFFiCiAL FLiCKERFEST TRAiLER here:

Download the official Australian Programme 2016 here 

And, view or download the Australian official Selected Films here (in alphabetical order, below)

ARI – WRI/DIR: Alex Murawski, PROD: Annmaree J Bell
BEYOND THE WATER’S EDGE – WRI/DIR: Scott Dale, PROD: Scott Dale, Mark Holland & Brent Jacuta
BLUEY – WRI/DIR: Darlene Johnson, PROD: Heather Oxenham
CHEROKEE – WRI/DIR: Jem Rankin, PROD: Frances Wang-Ward
DEATH IN BLOOM – WRI/DIR: Dael Oates, PROD: Jonas Mclallen
FLAT DADDY – WRI / DIR: Matt Holcomb, PROD: Annie Kinnane
FOAL – WRI/DIR: Vanessa Gazy, PROD: Lyn Norfor, Ciara Hehir
GECKO – WRI: Jon Steiner, DIR: Reuben Field, PROD: Sarah Steel & Reuben Field
GIMPSEY – WRI/DIR: Sofya Gollan, PROD: Morgan Smallbone
GOODNIGHT SWEETHEART – WRI: Beth King, DIR: Bec Peniston-Bird, PROD: Jim M. Wright
HAPPY AUSTRALIA – WRI/PROD: Steve McCall, DIR: Maziar Lahooti
HARVEY’S DREAM – WRI/DIR: Alexander von Hofmann, PROD: Peter Gurbiel & Alexander von Hofmann
HOME – WRI: Tariro Mavondo, DIR/PROD: Charles Williams
HOPE CITYWRI: Thomas Baricevic & Peter George, DIR: Thomas Baricevic, PROD: Peter George
HOW TO GET CLEAN – WRI/DIR: Eden Falk, PROD: Alex White
IMAGINATION GAME – WRI/DIR: Alister Grierson, PROD: Skye Cassidy
JE SUIS UN CRAYON (I AM A PENCIL) – WRI/DIR/: Joe D’Arcy, PROD: Carol D’Arcy & Joe D’Arcy
KARROYUL – WRI: Kim Scott, DIR: Kelrick Martin, PROD: Jaclyn Hewer & Melissa Kelly
MAAP MORDAK – WRI/DIR: Dot West, PROD: Jodie Bell
MARKERS – WRI: Will Howarth & Rhett Wade-Ferrell, PROD: Carla de Menezes Ribeiro, DIR: Rhett Wade-Ferrell
MEAT – WRI/DIR: Sunday Emerson Gullifer, PROD: Lauren Elsinger
MY MOTHER’S LETTER – WRI: Emma McKenna, DIR/PROD: Craig D. Foster & Emma McKenna
NAN AND A WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE – WRI: Sue McPherson, DIR: Dena Curtis, PROD: Lois Randall
NULLA NULLA – WRI/DIR: Dylan River, PROD: Tanith Glynn-Maloney
ONO – WRI/DIR: Lauren Brunswick, PROD: Georgina Isles
OSCAR WILDE’S THE NIGHTINGALE AND THE ROSE – WRI/DIR: Del Kathryn Barton & Brendan Fletcher, PROD: Angie Fielder & Brendan Fletcher
PALE BLUE EYES – WRI/DIR: Joe Henderson, PROD: Cameron Whiteford
PEDAL – WRI/DIR: Gareth Calverley, PROD: Andrew McInally & Gareth Calverley
RED ROVER – WRI/DIR: Brooke Goldfinch, PROD: Brietta Hague & Apolline Berty
REG MAKES CONTACT – WRI: Andrew Slattery & Corrie Chen, PROD: Jiao Chen & Raquelle David, DIR: Corrie Chen
SLINGSHOT – WRI/DIR: David Hansen, PROD: Michael Ciccone, Margo Lowry & James Meldrum Wright
SWEAT – WRI/DIR: Rodd Rathjen, PROD: Robbie McEwan
THE BUTCHER’S SON – WRI: Margot Tasca, DIR: Ella Carey, PROD: Ella Carey, Margot Tasca
THE DETECTIVES OF NOIR TOWN – WRI/PROD: Andrew Chambers & Paul Layton, DIR: Andrew Chambers
THE DRIVER – WRI: Tim Russell, PROD: Michael Wark, DIR: Tim Russell
THE KANGAROO GUY – WRI/DIR: Joel Loxton, PROD: Eleanor Winkler & Racquelle David
THE LAKE – WRI/DIR/PROD: Andrew Gallagher
THE MEEK – WRI/DIR: Joseph Brumm, PROD: Laura DiMaio
THE ORCHESTRA – WRI: Mikey Hill, Jennifer Smith, DIR: Mikey Hill, PROD: Melanie Brunt
THE STORY OF PERCIVAL PILTS – WRI/DIR: Janette Goodey & John Lewis, PROD: John Lewis & Terri Dentry
THE SUMMER OF ABC BURNS – WRI/DIR: Dannika Horvat, PROD: Stephanie Westwood
THE TROPHY THIEF – WRI/DIR: D. Edwardz, PROD: Peter Magdas
TOUGH & COOKIE – WRI/DIR: Madeleine Parker, PROD: Katia Nizic
TRUE COLOURS – WRI: Ben Croker, DIR: David Valent, PROD: Ben Croker & Sophie Notley
UNDER SKIN, IN BLOOD – WRI/DIR: Larissa Behrendt, PROD: John Harvey
WAITING FOR RAIN – WRI/DIR: Andrew Carbone, PROD: Romany Lee & Jasmine Funnell
WHAT WE KNOW – WRI: Marion Pilowsky & L.A. Sellars, DIR: Marion Pilowsky, PROD: Fiona Lanyon & Sue Murray
WHOEVER WAS USING THIS BED – WRI: Andrew Kotatko, DIR: Andrew Kotatko, PROD: Andrew Kotatko & Marie Slaight
WOOF! – WRI/DIR: Nina Buxton, PROD: Hannah Samuel

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