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Best Of Documentary 1 – 2015

The first of two programmes featuring the best of Documentary short films in competition.

Screening: Tue 13 Jan, 4.30pm | Duration: 101 min | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult

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  • Love In A Time Of March Madness

    Melissa Johnson hit 6’4’’ tall in 8th grade. Although this made her an instant basketball star, this film follows her hilarious and awkward misadventures in romance as she dates shorter men and gets cheered or jeered wherever she goes.

  • Ballsy

    From jet-setting advertising exec to prolific do-gooder, ‘Ballsy’ is the inspirational real life story of Bondi surfer Ben who reinvented himself with the help of his left testicle

  • Three Stones For Jean Genet

    In April of 2013, American singer Patti Smith travels to the grave of French writer Jean Genet in Larache, Morocco. She brings him three stones, which she collected for him over 30 years ago.

  • The Immaculates (Gli Immacolati)

    December 2011, in a town in northern Italy, a young man returns home as he does every evening. He parks his car and discovers his 16-year-old sister in tears in front of their house. She tells him that two young Romani guys have attacked her. The young man immediately goes in search of the attackers but cannot find them. The neighbourhood organizes a solidarity march in view of the event. The tension begins to rise…

  • The Lion’s Mouth Opens

    A courageous young Scottish actress takes the boldest step imaginable to confront her risk of having inherited the fatal, incurable Huntington’s Disease.

  • Newborns

    Newborns attempts to provide a lens to the survivors of acid violence, to look forward and gaze back. They take us through the ennui of their domestic and public spaces in a nameless dystopian city, its factories, houses and motels, and its promises, never honoured.

  • Hyena Boys

    Muhammad and his family have been capturing and taming Hyena’s, baboons and pythons since he can remember. Their beliefs are ancient, their powers are questionable and even though they love their animals, there is an element of cruelty that cannot be ignored.

  • How Do We Get To Space? The Story of the Love Punks & Satellite Sisters

    Something is happening in one of the hottest and most remote places of the world… In the small Aboriginal community of Ieramagadu (Roebourne), Western Australia, an unlikely group of 11-year olds wearing found objects, wacky hats and face paint create the world’s first Aboriginal interactive comic book, NEOMAD.