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SAE FlickerUp 2015

The finalists short films in our National Schools competition for Primary & Secondary School students or Filmmakers under Eighteen Years of age.

Screening: Sat 17 Jan, 2pm | Duration: 108 min | Classification: Open all ages

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  • Hunt For Memories

    Riding her bike to school, Natalie has an accident that causes her to lose her memory.  She has no recollection of her former life and is left alone and unhappy until family and friends devise an ingenious plan. Will they succeed?

  • Ignatius Quince – A Cautionary Tale Of A Child Genius

    Every year the school holds a science fair. Ignatius Quince, being a child genius, has won the last 5 years. This year is to be no exception – Ignatius Quince is going to build the most stupendous experiment ever. However plans don’t run smoothly and Ignatius Quince gets a hand from an unexpected person, Mable Syrup, resulting in a valuable lesson.

  • Martistley’s Story

    When people grow up in the favelas of Sao Paulo, life can be hopeless. Out of this rubbish pile of dashed hopes comes a young girl, Martistley, who has dreams of something better for her people.

  • Rewarding Recycling

    Australians Who Are Trying To Keep Our Environment Clean
    I found out that there are lots of kindhearted people who spend a lot of time and effort to keep our environment clean.

  • Reflection To Find Perfection

    Cool kids rule! Trevor and Emily want to be part of that scene. They ditch their old friends and change their appearance and attitude to fit in with the ‘Cool kids.’ Things didn’t quite turn out as they expected!

  • WiFi – An Invention That Changed The World

    A video about the Australian inventors of Wi-Fi and their legal struggle against the IT giants of the world. It includes interviews with the inventors Dr John O’Sullivan and Dr Terry Percival.

  • Down In The Valley

    Two boys, on holiday in a mountain valley, dare to camp out in a tent, where they cleverly confront ‘things that go bump in the night’.

  • Magic Man

    Matthew has always held onto the guilt of his younger brother’s death. When a series of events tip him over the edge, it takes a special kind of magic to bring him back.

  • For You

    A film about expectation that can be passed down through generations.

  • Post Apocalyptic Arcadia

    The animation follows a lone wolf trying to find a new and safe home, free of human threats.

  • The Haven

    Set in Europe during WWII, Emilie must decide whether to remain with her family risking the threat of war, to flee completely on a boat or to escape with Jean, the boy from town.

  • Anti Citizen

    A man attempts to break free of his dystopic prison.

  • My Only Enemy Is Time

    An aging grandfather loses his vision. An octogenarian, he comes to terms with his mortality and impending blindness.

  • Misconceptions

    A reclusive man with psychological issues has a hidden passion that he is reluctant to share. If you look at something in a particular way, it will appear in a particular way to you, but if you change the way you look at it, what you are looking at will also change.

  • The Era Of Change

    An optimistic journey through a succinct hit of inspiration and information that ignites a passion within viewers to join the global movement fighting for a more just, sustainable and ethical world.

  • Film Noir Parody

    A rugged 1940’s private dick is approached by a mysterious female and sent on his ‘darkest case yet’, involving an exploding monastery, a warehouse fight scene and some extremely far-fetched plot twists.

  • Surface Tension

    The journey of a eleven-year old Aboriginal girl as she drifts through a backwater town on the mid-north coast, her future fate unknown.

  • The Gadget

    A teenager walking home from school finds a wrist teleportatron gadget. He starts to experiment with the gadget until it malfunctions.

  • Sleepless

    The music video exposes the transitional stage between dreams and reality, disorientating the protagonist in a way that renders him unable to comprehend what is real anymore.