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Made in Melbourne Shorts 2015 Tour

This highlights programme is a curated selection of shorts made in Melbourne that screened at Flickerfest 2015 & an award winner from the festival:
Grey Bull (Winner Virgin Australia Award for Best Australian Short Film)

Screening: On Tour | Running Time: 117mins | Classification: Under 15 years to be w/adult

  • Building Bridges

    As he chews on black bread and pungent cheese, a builder reflects on the meaning of his nightmare.

  • The Fabric

    Katrina, a teenager whose family have taken refuge in the country town of Shepparton from war torn Sudan, is seeking a way out and a desire for the big city. A chance meeting with local teenage boy Charlie, who shows her the town in a new light.

  • Rabbit

    Abandoned by his parents and harboring a grim family secret a damaged young teen is faced with a difficult choice when he brings his foreign girlfriend into the family home.


  • Waterborne

    Contaminated water in an Australian country town causes a virus that turns both humans – and animals – into zombies. Australian wildlife has never been so terrifying…

  • Rhododendron

    In the early hours of the morning a middle-aged man works himself into a violent rage and confronts his noisy neighbours.


  • She Was She

    Armed with oranges and good intentions, Emily thinks she has all she needs to save her estranged sister, Mina, from a terminal illness. But to be ‘saved’ is the last thing Mina wants.

  • Grey Bull

    When Martin, a South Sudanese refugee, happens upon a bull he believes is his spiritual totem, he decides to rescue it from the abattoir he works in. Once home, the bull begins to jeopardise Martin’s family’s chance at fitting in. Martin is torn between his ancient cultural identity and his family’s new life in Australia.

  • Love Hurts

    Love Hurts is a cross-genre comic thriller about love lost and sibling rivalry with a super-cool payoff that has to be seen to be believed. Holed up in a hotel room, a nervous maid of honour prepares for her sisters wedding. She has a plan.

  • Falling

    Lately Ethan has felt like he’s falling. Trapped in a relationship with his bipolar girlfriend, Saskia, an increasingly wavering Ethan holds the key to end their suffering.


  • I’m You Dickhead

    A man travels back in time to force his 10 year old self to learn guitar, so that he can get more action with the ladies in the present day.