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Best Of Australian 1 – 2020

The 1st of seven programmes featuring the best of Australian short films in competition.

Our home-grown talent battle it out for the prestigious Academy® accredited award for Best Australian Short Film.

Screening: Sat 11 Jan, 4pm | Runtime: 112 mins | Classification: under 15 to be w/adult

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  • The Void In Joy

    There is a void in Joy and nothing has been able to fill it. But, a devastating medical diagnosis triggers a rapid realignment of priorities.

  • Sohrab And Rustum

    A teacher reads a poem based on a Persian legend to her class of teenage girls.

  • Clap

    After a long day of being bullied at school, Stephanie begins to think that her stutter wont get any better, until she meets and befriends Delores. WORLD PREMIERE

  • Blackwood

    A novelist and her teenage son face their own unique challenges over the course of a day, finding recognition and respect difficult to come by in small-town Australia.

  • Way Out Assistance

    In the near future a woman finds herself in need of help and uses technology to facilitate a new human connection.

  • How Things Are Born

    A young woman approaching motherhood must decide when to give and when to take a life.

  • Living Room

    Masayuki lives with his elderly mother, pretending to work night, but really wandering the streets gambling and drinking. A mysterious stranger comes into his life just as he is planning his exit.

  • My Name Is Mudju

    1950’s Australia, Mudju’s daughter Munna has been stolen, helpless against the Mission governance, she must find the strength within to reunite with her daughter.

  • Bloom

    On Junie’s eighteenth birthday, the secret of her late period and potential pregnancy puts her sisterhood and close family ties at risk of breaking apart.

  • Wine Lake

    A homeless Irish alcoholic and an artistic backpacker clash on a Sydney street over a misunderstanding.
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