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Best of Australian 1 – 2014

The first of seven programmes featuring the best Australian shorts films in competition.

Screening: Sat 11 Jan, 6.30pm | Running Time: 108 mins | Classification: Under 15yrs to be w/adult

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  • Aboriginal Heart

    A young city doctor’s first job in an Indigenous outback community takes a turn when some savvy local Aboriginal women compel him to buy all their artwork.

  • Fun City

    When a divorced fun park attendant fails to speak to his young son on his birthday, he takes his frustrations out on a co-worker and discovers that anger is a limp substitute for a changed perspective.

  • Tau Seru

    In the vastness of the Himalayas, a young nomad’s curiosity lies beyond the horizon.

  • Off Course

    Two friends Chaz and Henry come across Ben an injured university student who has just been mugged. Chaz and Henry begin to interrogate Ben towards a life changing conversation, which pushes him to reconsider the big decisions in his life.

  • Record

    A father in mourning struggles to connect with his blind daughter. Amidst her collection of memories he soon learns that the colours of grielf and understanding are more vivid when glimpsed through the eyes of the blind.

  • I Dream A Geisha

    Through the village and past the lands sleeps a little girl in the outskirts of Japan. Song and dance and wealthy men – was the life she dreamt of before touching a Geisha’s hand. is this what she wanted, is this what she thought? I guess she never knew that beneath all the makeup are battles not fought. Eyes that dream stay awake wide opened.. no amount of tears can wash away the sadness of a love forbidden and unspoken. Geishas give it up they give up their life but is Kiyomi willing to make that same sacrifice?

  • The Speaker

    When a burnt-out salesman Tim Shaw (himself) is upstaged by a young rival, he must take matters into his own hands to keep his mantle as Australia’s King of Infomercials.

  • The Landing

    A man returns to the Mid-Western farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the Summer of 1960.

  • You Like It I Love It

    Roberto and Chris are brothers with the house to themselves. Their next door neighbour Tony has an idea for a sustainable music extravaganza he thinks could tour Australian primary schools by rail. As series of wry understated vignettes You Like It I Love It offers an abstraction of contemporary middle-class Australia — an exploration of thought and interacion in a society living under the yolk of freedom, happiness and personal preference.

  • We Keep On Dancing

    We Keep On Dancing is a short comedy-drama about human connection expressed through the strange meeting and the even stranger dance shared by Danny the mechanic and Alan the lonesome gent with the rundown Beetle in the Rainbow Mechanics workshop.