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Best Of Australian 2 – 2018

The 2nd of seven programmes featuring the best of Australian short films in competition.

Our home-grown talent battle it out for the prestigious Academy® accredited award for Best Australian Short Film.

Screening: Sat 13 Jan, 8.45pm | Runtime: 119 min | Classification: under 15 to be w/adult

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  • After All

    After all is said and done… all that is left are memories.  A man cleans out his childhood home remembering past conversations.

  • Kill Off

    American Horror Story’s Jamie Brewer stars as Sonja, a woman with an intellectual disability who forms an unlikely friendship with a Sudanese refugee through their mutual love of KRUMP.

  • Buoy

    In a sleepy coastal town 16 year-old Corey arrives late for his last day of work on a council shark-meshing boat.

  • Let’s See How Fast This Baby Will Go

    It’s 1996 and young Gloria Harrison’s life is out of control, she is 17, pregnant and in labour and decides the best way to get to the hospital is to buy a new car. She doesn’t realise it yet, but the agonising process of buying a car will not only allow her to give birth to a new person but become one herself. Based on Gloria’s Harrison’s true story, originally heard on This American Life.
    Stars: Liv Hewson (Santa Clarita Diet & Top of The Lake) & Tara Morice (Strictly Ballroom & Dance Academy)

  • Two Bites

    Maudie has lived a long eccentric life filled with travel and adventure. As her imminent death approaches her eager family descend on her heirloom-filled home.

  • Brown Lips

    Two cousins from Sydney’s western suburbs decide that the only way to feel loved, is to turn their back on their family for good.

  • Second Best

    ‘Second Best’ is a dark comedy about the power of identical twin sisters and the unbreakable bond that binds them, no matter what might try and come between.

  • Under The Hammer

    A man struggles to stop his beloved family home from being sold from under him…