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Best of Australian 2 – 2014

The second of seven programmes featuring the best Australian shorts films in competition.

Running Time: 108 min | Classification: u15yrs to be w/adult | Screening: Sat 11 Jan, 8.45pm

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  • Nerds In Love

    Emilio works graveyard shift as a cleaner with his mate Fergus in a suburban shopping centre but he yearns for something more in life until one day he sees the girl of his dreams working in the local supermarket. She’s cute she’s funny she’s everything he could ever want in a girl…minus the princess Leia costume. A quirky origin story of boy meets girl and the stupid things we do for love.

  • Vote Yes

    It’s May 27, 1967 – Australia’s referendum on Aboriginal rights. Two women unite as a family come to terms with the prospect of change. Starring Miranda Tapsell (The Sapphires).

  • Scratch

    As life threatening allergies throw his family into crisis, 13 year-old Henry must make a heart-wrenching decision. Starring Claudia Karvan.

  • Old Mate

    Desperate to impress the boys he idolizes fifteen year old Casey agrees to steal a hunting rifle from a crippled old man’s cabin in the hills. But when the job goes horribly wrong Casey must face up to the consequences of his reckless and misguided undertaking.

  • All God’s Creatures

    Brothers Asher and Charlie are very different – Asher likes fishing and swearing. Charlie likes tea parties and crafts. In Summer of 1987 – the first since their father walked out of their lives – their relationship undergoes a test of almost mythic proportions when Asher’s confusion and anger boils over into a mindless act of cruelty.

  • The Road Home

    It’s Christmas Eve and 21 year old Dede has chosen not to spend it with family but instead to travel with two close friends to a party. Her younger twin sisters travel in another direction back home. The closer Dede gets to her destination the more she realises that distance between her and her sisters is not just geographical. When she receives a phone call about the twins’ car accident, she examines their past in hope of finding a moment that will help her turn back time.

  • The Oysterman

    Charlie a young Indigenous oyster farmer is frustrated with life in a small town community working with his father on their family’s oyster farm and the peer pressure from his reckless cousins. When the circus comes to town he is captured by the aerial performance of Rose. His grandfather Leo witnesses the blossoming young love and offers Charlie some advice as he tries to choose between staying on to inherit the family business or following his heart.

  • Worm

    Worm is a dance-infused comedy short that asks the question – how far would you go for love? Martin Parker finds himself in a police interrogation room. He’s just been accused of a serious crime he swears he didn’t commit. He better have a good story..
    Starring Marcus Graham, John Waters and Lyn Collingwood.