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Best of Australian 4 – 2014

The fourth of seven programmes featuring the best Australian shorts films in competition.

Screening: Mon 13 Jan, 8.45pm | Running Time: 108 min | Classification: Under 15yrs to be w/adult

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  • Cannibal Story

    Cannibal Story brings to life the dangerous carnivorous beings that live beneath a salt lake in the heart of the Western Desert. This is Martu artist Yunkurra Billy Atkins’ country.

  • The Amber Amulet

    The Masked Avenger can make things happen. Though at 10 he is considered young for a justice fighter he has already proved himself highly effective in the pursuit of peace.

    He has discovered powers that are locked inside gems and minerals and uses them to keep Franklin Street safe. But something is wrong in the house at the end of the street. There is a woman in trouble. When The Masked Avenger leaves a ‘happiness questionnaire’ in her letterbox a series of events are set in motion that no one could predict. This is the story of a superhero, a beagle, an amulet made of amber, and the potential that is locked inside all of us.

  • Perception

    Perception is the story of Crysal – mother, daughter, lover, stripper, survivor. Confronting death, Crystal grasps at life and finally faces herself without deception.

  • Thanks For The Ride

    An apathetic hearse driver unwillingly embarks on a journey to the coast with a troubled stranger.

  • The Kingdom of Doug

    Josie and her fellow cult members have gathered in an ice skating rink to commit mass suicide. When Josie loses faith in Doug, her charismatic cult leader, she starts questioning their choice to die.

  • Handyman

    A handyman’s problems are taken to new heights when faced with a teenage girl who’s convinced he’s actually a moonlighting TV action star.

  • The 8 Inch Pinch

    A young police officer lands a cushy assignment to deliver an illegal ferret to a wildlife shelter unharmed but an incident whilst he is driving turns his mission into the most unexpected siege of his career.