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Best Of Australian Shorts 4 – 2024

The 4th of seven programmes featuring the best of Australian short films in competition.

Our home-grown talent battle it out for the prestigious Academy® qualifying award for Best Australian Short Film.

Screening: Sun 21 Jan, 9pm | Runtime: 120 mins | Classification: under 15 to be w/adult

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  • Favourites

    Two parents face an impossible choice when their family camping trip turns deadly.
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  • Unspoken

    1979. As volatile protests for Croatian independence break out across the city of Sydney, Croatian born Marina is forced to expose a secretive love affair with her Australian boyfriend, as escalating political violence spills into her childhood home with devastating consequences.

  • Yeah The Boys

    Yeah the Boys follows six young Aussie men as they sink beers over an afternoon and well into the night. Emoting only through movement; lewd gestures, chokeholds, crowd surfs, and chugging shoeys, they somehow say everything without uttering a single word. Equal parts larrikin, brutal, and tender, this choreographic short film scored by The Avalanches is an observation of Australian masculine identity and our nation’s relationship with drinking culture.
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  • Our Haunt

    A young couple’s baby monitor reveals a stranger watching their infant sleep…

  • Under The Water

    11 year-old, Olivia, lives in a small, seaside town with her father. Olivia endures misogynistic behaviour from the boys and men in her town; she’s told to smile, she’s followed, she’s physically assaulted. Dealing with the situation with silence and reservation, Olivia retreats into her own world. Olivia finds solace in an old picture book; set against the roaring ocean waves a group of sirens fight back against their captors. A series of strange happenings lead her back to the ocean. When she follows a woman into the depths, Olivia engages with the power and irreverence of the sirens of the sea. Later, when verbally assaulted by a group of teenage boys in a car, Olivia expresses her rage. She takes the power she hasn’t been afforded.

  • First Drop

    Set in Alice Springs, Ted, a reclusive and bitter retiree is tasked with caring for his Pakistani neighbour’s 8-year-old daughter, Saleha. After attempts to limit his engagement with Saleha, Ted’s defences are broken down as he realises the two share a mutual love of cricket. Thus begins the blossoming of an unlikely friendship.

  • Quiet Night Thought

    Paired together by a matchmaker, a peasant girl and a loyal soldier ponder love, marriage and longing through the letters they write to each other from afar.

  • Take A Breath

    Take a Breath follows a young woman struggling to find meaning in her life, exploring the significance of opening up and being true to yourself.

  • Raising Thunder

    A young girl discovers a magical cloud that may hold the key to mending her father’s broken heart.

  • Blind Bargain

    When a brash young man is challenged to prove his worth, his blindness to the truth causes him to get more than he bargained for…