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Best Of International 2 – 2020

The 2nd of five programmes featuring the Best of International short films in competition.

Be uplifted, inspired and moved by the next generation of the world’s most talented filmmakers in competition for two Academy® accredited awards; Best Short Live Action & Best Short Animation.

Screening: Sun 12 Jan, 6.30pm | Runtime: 113 mins | Classification: under 15 to be w/adult

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  • Coaster

    A coming-of-age story following a recent graduates literal ups and downs of adulthood after moving into his first home, which happens to be built atop an actual roller coaster.

  • Hot Chocolate

    A young woman ducks into her home to pick up some things, only to discover her housemate dead. She must find a way to deal with the situation while her 8 year-old sister waits in the car.

  • Postcards From The End Of The World

    Trapped in their marriage, Dimitra and Dimitris try to endure their summer vacation with their two daughters on a remote island. Unexpectedly, human civilization collapses.

  • Safety

    The lives of a young boy, his classmates and their gym teacher are shattered forever by the presence of a shooter in their small-town elementary school.

  • The Hedgehog’s Dilemma

    Jean has been training his daughter to become a champion diver until, on the day of an important competition, and unexpected event changes their relationship forever.

  • Uncle Thomas, Accounting For The Days

    A tribute to Regina’s uncle Thomas. A humble man with a simple and anonymous life, acknowledging that one does not have to be ‘somebody’ to become exceptional in our lives.

  • The Land Over There (Drubenland)

    As soon as Marko’s parents are on vacation some odd wall falls down – and suddenly everything is in chaos. Grown-up talk doesn’t help, so it’s up to Marko to make sense of it on his own.
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  • Wilma

    A young transgender boy meets ‘her’ trailer park father for the first time. What her father doesn’t know is that he identifies as a girl.