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Best Of International 3 – 2019

The 3rd of five programmes featuring the Best of International short films in competition.

Be uplifted, inspired and moved by the next generation of the world’s most talented filmmakers in competition for two Academy accredited awards; Best Short Drama & Best Short Animation.

Screening: Mon 14 Jan, 6.30pm | Duration: 121 min | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult

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  • The Flood Is Coming

    A forest hermit tries to prepare for a flood, but he becomes distracted by his noisy neighbour – who happens to be the hermit’s left eye. The Flood is Coming explores the growing anxiety about the state of nature, and our place in it.

  • My Friend Michael Jones

    MJ is the ridicule of his high school peers. His obsessive compulsive need to avoid cracks in the pavement and finger-tap doorframes before entering make him a target for relentless bullying. Chief among his tormentors is Selena. When MJ discovers a secret that threatens Selena’s standing within her devout Samoan family and popular school clique, the two teenagers form an unlikely bond through a shared passion for music and dance. When a series of events reveals Selena’s true persona to the entire school, MJ must try and overcome his own affliction to stand up for his new friend.

  • Never Land

    NEVER LAND tells the story of an inner-city foster boy with nothing but himself and his imagination to keep him company. His only escape coming through his day dreams to Neverland, where all little boys without mothers and fathers go to fit in as Lost Boys.

  • To Plant A Flag

    In preparation for the moon landing in 1969, NASA sent a team of astronaut to the lunar landscapes of Iceland. Their hi-tech training mission soon discovers what obstacles one can meet when facing an Icelandic sheep farmer.

  • The Mandarin Tree

    After her father is arrested for political reasons by the Turkish government, little Sirin is finally allowed to visit him in prison for the first time. When a prison official interprets her painting of a bird as an anarchistic symbol and confiscates it, the girl is devastated, but her father encourages her to believe in the freedom of thought. For her second visit, she paints a “harmless” mandarin tree. – Will her hidden message be discovered?

  • The Role

    A woman accompanies her husband for an audition. The thing that happens there leads her for an important decision…

  • Judgement

    Joy, a mother of a 4 year-old girl, finally decides to file a case under domestic violence against her abusive husband, Dante.

  • The Backward Astronomer

    A privileged, young man falls in love with a wealthy woman and together they lead reckless lives of opulence in New York City. That is, until he finds something better—a doorway leading directly to the surface of the moon.