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Best Of International 5 – 2020

The 5th of five programmes featuring the Best of International short films in competition.

Be uplifted, inspired and moved by the next generation of the world’s most talented filmmakers in competition for two Academy® accredited awards; Best Short Live Action & Best Short Animation.

Screening: Wed 15 Jan, 6.30pm | Runtime: 123 mins | Classification: under 15 to be w/adult

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  • Daughter

    A moment of misunderstanding and a lost embrace has stretched into many years all the way to this hospital room, until the moment when a window pane breaks under the impact of a little bird.

  • The Neighbours’ Window

    This is a story of a woman whose life is shaken up when two free-spirited twenty-something’s move in.

  • The Tears Thing

    Florence is an actress and the preparations for her new role will challenge her in a way she could never have seen coming.
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  • I’ll End Up In Jail

    A stay-at-home mother gets into a murderous car crash where nobody wants to take the blame.

  • Detours

    As his baby drifts off to sleep in the morning traffic Simon realises he’s being followed.

  • Are You Hungry?

    A mother struggles to connect with her adopted teenage son, who she believes to be gay. In an attempt to guide him safely through this period of exploration, she sets him up on a date.

  • Hot Flash

    A newscaster is due to go live on television in the middle of a hot flash, in Thea Hollatz’s animated comedy about a woman trying to keep her cool when one type of flash leads to another.