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FlickerUp 2016

The finalists short films in our National Schools competition for Primary & Secondary School students or Filmmakers under Eighteen Years of age.

Screening: Sat 16 Jan, 2pm | Duration: 112 min | Classification: Open all ages

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  • The Goal

    Bella eats, breathes and dreams soccer. There’s just one problem. She would rather eat junk food while watching a match on TV than actually play the game herself. When a freak accident occurs, everyone mistakes her for a soccer superstar. Will she rise to the challenge?

  • This Is A Little House

    Dujuan Hoosan, an 8 year old Arrernte boy’s debut film. A sweet, documentary of an Arrernte family’s culture trip back to their traditional country and their activities while making lunch down the creek.

  • Change Up Genie

    A young student gets the dream chance of a lifetime – a magic remote control that can change whatever he likes. The catch; only for two hours! Will he make the most of his opportunity in the short time given?

    Things are never as they seem and his dream ends abruptly.

  • Changing The World

    A short animated film discussing the many different we can change the world through working together, joining hands and helping each other out.

  • Little People

    Little People’ is a short film about a boy who keeps seeing three little people everywhere he goes. Unfortunately, no one believes him when he tells them what he saw.

  • Teacher’s Pet

    An eagle enlists the help of a group of primary school students to return a lost baby echidna home. This film was a collaboration between Delkaia Aboriginal Best Start and thirteen Koorie students from Dimboola Primary School from Prep to Grade 6.

  • My Parents!

    Britannia Butwell believes her parents are embarrassing, have their heads in the clouds and wishes for an exchange. That is, until she meets Sandra Sandman. Could Sandra change Britannia’s mind?

  • Bullets To Buttons

    “Bullets to Buttons” tells the story of Sheelagh Gilles’s Great Uncle, JB Holmes who as a teenager was a member of the North Irish Horse Calvary Unit. As a 14 year old who lied about his age, JB participated in the Christmas Day Truce on 1914 in Belgium. After losing the buttons on his clothing during an artillery bombardment he was gifted some new ones from a German soldier, which had been fashioned from lead bullets.

  • Stranger Danger

    Beware the stranger.

  • Wiped Out

    The Wilson Family; Gill, Bruce, Emily and Oscar all go on a family camping trip when things take a turn for the worst. A heavily drunk driver makes the foolish choice of driving, his car ploughs through a fence and over the family’s tent.

  • What Are You Looking At?

    Xavier is an aurally sensitive food court cleaner who interprets the sounds and rhythms on the urban environment into music. He is largely invisible and ignored, as he goes about his work cleaning tables, until a judgmental encounter with a couple ends in the tables being turned.

  • Clouds

    A girl discovers she can breathe in clouds from the sky. Then she gets an idea…

  • Colour Me

    A young girl is trying to find inspiration for her self-portrait.

  • My Future

    My Future is a poetic documentary that explores the anxieties surrounding the future that lies ahead for young people in today’s society and the ambiguity of leaving the school system and entering the real world.

  • Fooled Me Once

    Set in Outback Australia, Jessica Jones is insanely in love with her next-door neighbour, Mitchell. Jessica is a geeky country girl that always seems to find herself in embarrassing situations. As for Mitchell, he seems to go with the flow with things and shows sympathy for Jessica in times of need.

  • Roadkill

    The story of a young girl hitchhiking on an isolated road who gets picked up by a suspicious looking driver – will she end up as Roadkill on a country road?

  • Zembla

    A young girl wakes up and prepares for her day. A series of coincidences and unfortunate events shape the details of her day. But what if those events were different?

  • Survival Of The Fittest

    Young girl discovers why genetics should not be altered.

  • Thief

    A break-in occurs to secure classified documents – however the thief requires a little bit of help

  • Another Bad Day

    A simple bump between two people can ignite an argument. An everyday man, coffee too hot, running late for work and on edge, clashes with a runner on the street. How will their confrontation unfold?

  • Malcolm & John

    In 1960 Malcolm Gregory drowned in the Parramatta River. There were three possible and plausible motives for his death. ‘The truth is rarely pure and never simple’ – Oscar Wilde

  • Introspection

    A comedic, coming of age animation that follows the job interviews of prospective news anchor, Lara. Through cheesey Life Lessons and PUN-ishing puns, the seemingly easy question of “Who are you?” is explored because like this animation, a person has many layers; their name is just the surface.