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SAE FlickerUp Youth Shorts – 2022

The finalists short films in our National Schools competition for Primary; & Secondary School students or filmmakers eighteen years & under.

Screening: Sat 29 Jan, 4pm | Runtime: 105 mins | Classification: PG

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  • Masters Of Persuasion

    Sisters Zoe and Alex find a cunning way to persuade their mother to buy them new mountain bikes.

  • Grit

    A young girl, isolated in a hospital room as a cancer patient, is determined to find her way to a place that is special to her.

  • Triple Trouble

    Playing ball is wonderful fun until you miss a catch. Discover the disastrous consequences of missing a catch.

  • Exposure

    Through the exposure of a trip to a foreign country, ‘true identity’ is realised when introduced to a new, non-judgemental environment.

  • Suzanne

    One woman’s experience of dementia told through the metaphor of a computer virus.

  • The Phone

    A man discovers a phone from the future that is made with dark magic.

  • Perspective

    ‘Perspective’ follows the path of Jess, a recent school graduate, contemplating her future. Anxious to ‘do the right thing’, she struggles to balance the demands of peer group community and family expectations while staying true to herself. The film contemplates what it is to be young in a complicated world.

  • Sydney 2078

    A teenage boy with a fascination for science fiction movies and novels has a vision during the night, leading him on an inter-dimensional endeavour into the future.

  • Yu Shi

    ⾬师(Yû Shī) is Chinese-folklore inspired, about a kind, compassionate boy who brings hope and motivation to a forgotten Chinese rain spirit.

  • Bat 19

    Imagine a world where a virus turned humans into bats.

  • To Exist, To Survive, To Live

    An exploration of what it means to experience life.

  • Year12film.mov

    Follow my filmmaking journey when life does not go as planned.

  • The Rock Pool Waltz

    During COVID lockdown, a boy’s affinity with nature eases his loneliness and leads to an incredible friendship.

  • Stasis

    Being plunged into an unknown world, sometimes it’s ok to not know where we will go, because we’re the only ones who can figure it out.

  • Can’t You See Me?

    A virtual world where soft puppets and toy-like features bid a young girl stay in their imaginary reality behind the flat screen.

  • Talk Of The Town

    A girl’s life changes forever after she has a near death experience.

  • A New Friendship

    Jerry wakes up to a sunny morning only to discover his newly moved in neighbour.

  • Arriving At Eternity’s Gate

    At the hypothetical brink of original creative expression, an artist stumbles through his past to realise the futility of his creativity.

    Warning: This film contains flashing lights and abrupt loud noises. Please be wary if you are sensitive to these effects.

  • Lockdown Blues

    How does a 14-year-old boy deal with a 14-day room isolation during lockdown?

  • To Be Or Not To Be

    Two young brothers battle to survive hardship. The outcome; two diversely different mindsets.

  • Baking With The Bako’s

    This is a celebration of coming together to share food, camaraderie and laughter. You can almost smell the biscuits!

  • Boolyaka

    Boolyaka, a traditional Noongar word meaning ‘leaving/going’, follows the journey of Jess, whose life has been destroyed after a terrifying bushfire tore through her property. The film explores her internal conflict over the decision to leave and start a new life or to stay and rebuild.

  • Check Mate: Flat Mate

    Flat mates find a way to settle an age-old argument.

  • Devil Bean

    After gifting a coffee machine to their father on Christmas, this picture-perfect family is thrown into the jaws of a horror-come-anti-drug flick as the dad’s addiction tears their apart family.