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Short Laughs Comedy 1 – 2023

The 1st of two programmes of clever off-kilter selections of comedy shorts from across the world.

Screening: Thur 26 Jan, 9pm | Runtime: 108 mins | Classification: under 15 yrs to be w/adult

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  • An Ostrich Told Me The World Is Fake And I Think I Believe It

    When a young telemarketer is confronted by a mysterious talking ostrich, he learns that the universe is stop motion animation. He must put aside his dwindling toaster sales and focus on convincing his colleagues of his terrifying discovery.

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  • Old Tricks

    Grandma and Grandpa always loved the tranquil life in their apartment, content with enjoying their calm days. But, in times of isolation, where the difference between home and prison is hard to distinguish, a long forgotten feeling riss again: boredom. And boredom can be a very dangerous matter .

  • Furbulous

    Cut off by her parents, pretentious, young, law student, Shoshana must swallow her pride and work at her cousin’s talent agency…for famous dogs.

  • Dream Big

    After being passed over for a big promotion at work, Miranda discovers that she can control the world via her model railway. A bittersweet comedy about a derailed woman, trying to mould herself to the institution but ultimately finding the power within to create her own.

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  • The Diamond

    A story about a small man and his tiny friend.

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  • Troy

    Troy has loud sex, 24-7. Troy shares a wall with Thea and Charlie. Troy is ruining their lives… or is he saving them?

  • The Best Dumplings In Melbourne

    Three friends decide to embark on the most impossible adventure in Melbourne… to find the best dumplings.

  • Wonder Down Under

    Barb Barrett is a superhero. Or, at least she used to be. Now she must overcome her toughest challenge yet and rejoin the workforce in her fifties.

  • Goodbye Persil

    In the middle of the night, two brothers in their thirties break into a public garden guarded by a security guard to accomplish a mission dear to their hearts.